Pro Cycling Manager 2007

Platform(s): PC, PSP
Genre: Management
Publisher: Focus Home
Developer: Cyanide Studio

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'Pro Cycling Manager 2007' (PSP/PC) Not Just A Management Game

by Rainier on June 20, 2007 @ 6:54 a.m. PDT

The new Pro Cycling Manager/Tour de France 2007 strives to create the ultimate in sports simulation, while still being approachable to newcomers to the series, while also expanding the series' reach by making its debut on the PSP.

It is up to you to implement the best strategies through a control panel featuring a complete range of tactical options (managing the efforts of your racers, replenishments, attack phases, leader protection, competitor monitoring, etc.) and immerse yourself completely in the race with your team’s cyclists, guiding the team to gain the victory.

In-race gameplay features a day-by-day system to allow grace periods for cyclists, depending upon the individual character and their assigned positions. By the effort each cyclist puts forth, this in-race information makes it possible to build noticeable traits and exploits which could tip the balance for winning a stage in your favour. Inside the transfer system is a new mode: “observe”. This makes it possible to gather information about the quality of a cyclist’s participation depending on the level of observation applied. While you can’t directly attack or defend yourself during observation, you can always click to react to an observed cyclist’s attack, thus launching a counter-attack, but beware… A cyclist can observe only one opponent at a time, and the others are then able to surprise you.

With the vast number of game and gameplay improvements, the cyclist and team AI (Artificial Intelligence), and the tactical richness within the races, Pro Cycling Manager – Tour de France 2007 puts you right at the very heart of professional cycling. Grab your cycling gear and prepare to experience the many highlights and the great intensity of the 2007 season!

Pro Cycling - Le Tour de France 2007 simulates the thrills and spills of cycling with a genuine realistic feel to the gameplay. Pro Cycling 2007 brings together the 20 official teams of 2007 and pits them in world famous races, including the Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix, Milan-San Remo, Giro d’Italia and the Tour of Flanderes.

With cyclist characteristics based on real life, these are races which are faithful to the world of cycling; morning breakaway, hard fought battles for jerseys, burning off competitors in the mountain stages, and much more. At race time you must form your team’s strategy, instructing your cyclists on their energy consumption, support of the team leader, dangerous opponents, how and when to attack, and so on. As such, there are many potential tactics which make this PSP version a wonderful sports simulation game. The game also offers arcade-style gameplay, particularly during sprints and time trials, where you must negotiate the course, manage collisions with other cyclists, and pace yourself in order to achieve the ultimate performance. This brings to the game a subtle combination of arcade and tactical gameplay, creating lively races in the pursuit of success.

The PSP version, Pro Cycling/Tour de France 2007, is being specifically designed to take advantage of the features of Sony's handheld system. The real-time simulation aspect of the game is enhanced and the game sets a faster pace than its PC brother. With careers lasting up to five seasons, unique gameplay modes which include time trials, sprints and optimized race lengths, the PSP version of Pro Cycling Tour de France 2007 is a lean, mean portable dream. Players and cycling fans will love the 20 official teams and their star cyclists, and will experience the most thrilling Tour de France ever, available for the first time on PSP!

Both titles will be released on June 20, 2007.

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