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Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: GMX / Tri Synergy
Developer: Shockwave Productions

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'Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory' - v2.06.1 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 25, 2007 @ 1:53 a.m. PDT

Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory recreates the fierce and famous air battles southern England in 1940. The game delivers explosive fun for veteran and casual gamers alike, and occurs over a vast and living world below which will be forever known as one the world's most decisive moments in history. Battle of Britain II "Wings of Victory" allows the player to either act as the supreme commander of either side, or simply click "fly" and let your generals manage the war below.

Get the BoB 2: Wings of Victory v2.06.1 patch off WP (8mb)

1. If the enemy A/C speed is less than 50 MPH (it was zero so little straffing) assume he is landing or taking off and combatstatus = CS_THREATENING or CS_HUNTER (offense) then set the move code to MANOEUVRE_STRAFFE.

2. Prevented a CTD in PSInterfaceClass::StartEffect()+39 byte(s), c:obsrc3dpsinterface.cpp, line 859 by commenting out the new PS effect and using the old Rowand effect. This was the second time I have had this one.

3. Prevented a CTD in MathLib::HighIntercept()+116 byte(s), c:obsrcmathmath.cpp, line 1447+18 byte(s). I changed HighIntercept to Intercept.

4. Removed the breakoff range criteria from a test for the JU87 going to disengage when the JU87 has been engaged by the player by shooting at the JU87.

5. Added a change for the campaign only so that if a fighter targets another enemy fighter with a move code of AUTOFOLLOWWP (non-combat move code) the attacking AI will be set to disengage (after a short delay or 30 sec. to 60 sec.). This should prevent the attacking AI from following the enemy AI back to base.

6. Fixed the FltBySound (F9) problem. Thanks to Eric.

7. Fixed another HighIntercept CTD forund by ReFlex

8. Recon button and Photo button re-enabled in Campaign. This is a risk as we still have some unexplained questions. If you experience a CTD using the campaign Photo please post your crashlog for us. The Beta Testers feel that it is better to run with the capability working rather than not working.

9. Added the Bdg.txt parameter Friendly_Fire=ON/OFF. Friendly_Fire=ON is the default as the program is now. With Friendly_Fire=ON, the AI can shoot any AI or the player, and with Friendly_Fire=OFF, friendly AI can not shoot other Friendly AI or a friendly player. This was a user request that the Beta testers also wanted.

10. I added code so that multi-Squads could be reviewed for the parameter limits for:

Initial_Max_Number_AI_Targeting_Player and Max_Number_AI_Targeting_AI

This prevents the aggressive AI from ganging up on the player and AI in the campaign. This has been a very complex issue for the Beta Testers to try and rebalance the campaign results after I turned loose the more aggressive AI on them. With the RAF so outnumbered during many or the missions this rebalancing task has turned out to be a major challenge. My congrats to our determined Beta Testers and their understanding of BOB history.

11. I deleted AI_Targets_Player_After_HitOrMiss as it was not needed.

12. Implemented two BDG.txt parameters for Collision Avoidance so the function can be tested and controlled by the customer.

Collision_Avoidance_Rear_End = 5.000 #In seconds, Time to take corrective action

Collision_Avoidance_Head_On = 15.000 #In seconds, Time to take corrective action)

13.Fixed a CTD that happened in replay in MoveAirStruc::AutoTakeOff thanks to Borton.

14. I added internal code parameters so I can better tune and understand the AI shooting accuracy as the AI has some “blind spots” with respect to shooting accuracy.

15. AI start shooting eariler in head-on attacks (20%)

16. Fixed CTD in BoxCol::SectorCol()+86 byte(s), c:obsrc3djimcol.cpp, line 391+12 byte(s) and NineSectorColPiloted()+52 byte(s), c:obsrc3djimcol.cpp, line 2346+15 byte(s). Added a test to check for a NULL pointer.

17. Fix a check for multi-squads so the loop will complete and not stop early and result in too many AI attacking the palyer and other AI. This will check Multi-Squads for both Max_Number_AI_Targeting_AI and Initial_Max_Number_AI_Targeting_Player Bdg.txt parameters.

18. Fixed a CTD in BoxCol::SectorCol()+86 byte(s), c:obsrc3djimcol.cpp, line 393+12 byte(s) thanks to Ick and Borton.

19. Thanks to Ick, we found and fixed a day one problem where the leader get damaged and starts home but gets greater than Visible range from the followers. The followers will then go into movecodes Regroup->Maneuver->Regroup repeatedly and not fighting. Only an expert and experienced campaign tester can find a problem like this one.

20. Fixed a bug so that if the Bandit (R-3-1) call is made during takeoff the AI will not attempt a PeelOff maneuver as they crash.

21. Prevented a collision avoidance maneuver when the Alt is less than 200 feet.

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