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Gothic III

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Jowood
Developer: Piranha Bytes

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'Gothic III' - v1.31 Community Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 29, 2007 @ 3:49 a.m. PDT

Gothic 3 is the third part of the RPG legend presenting an intense, living world and a non-linear, varied gaming experience.

Get the Gothic III v1.31 Community patch off WP (3mb)

I. Community Patch v1.0

By Hans Trapp: It was impossible to give Frithjof back his Fire chalice and so the quest could not be resolved.

By FreeSergey: The Perks "Firemage" and "Improve armor" could not be learned; by now the teachers are Karrupto and Manning.

II. Community Patch v1.1

By AHO: Vandorn in Vangard required a delivery of 15 instead of the requested 5 saws.

By buecherwurm93: In Silden there was a slave that gave twice the amount of gold.

By Humanforce: Numerous spelling and dialogue errors resolved.

III. Community Patch v1.2

By mdahm: Finley attacks Trelis also, when Vak is dead and not longer only when he is at his target spot infront of Trelis where one can take him into the city.

By mdahm: The Quest "Finley attacks Trelis" will not break up when one tells him about the siege prematurely. Crucial for this, that one can inform Finley about the siege, is no longer Vaks death, but the capture of Trelis.

By mdahm: Tyler can now simply be taken to Trelis.

By mdahm: When Vibald is unlocked as trader, he will also become teacher for the perk "Make Explosion Arrows".

By mdahm und Dungeon Master: You won't get 500 gold anymore, when you give off Randall by Mannig for the quest "Okara needs more men"

By mdahm and Dungeon Master: Leif becomes unlocked as teacher now, as he says, when you give him 10 Saberteeth, and no longer when one fulfills the quest "Hunt with Leif".

By mdahm and Dungeon Master: Ketil from the Hammerclan now gives for resolving the quest "Ketil needs 12 Bisonskins" 3 Ore as promised and not 3 gold.

By mdahm and Dungeon Master: When one had brought in all the men for the quest "Okara needs more men" and one says to Mannig "Do you need something?" before saying "out there there is no one left", previously the latter option disappeared and the quest could not be resolved.

By mdahm: The buggy and textless dialog options for learning the Paladin-perk with Rhobar are now gone. The perk is now learnable by Rhobar by saying "teach me something".

By mdahm and Dungeon Master: When you speak with Tippler, the dialog option "I want ale" will appear now only once the hero has found out he needs to bring around ale for Mojok.

By Humanforce: One did not get the browniepoints from Marik when one brought him the goldlist from Ashton.

By Humanforce: For the quest from Vasco in Ben Erai it was not necessary to kill all the Sandcrawlers to resolve the quest.

By Kronos912: The quest "test of the Assassins" did not resolve. Now this happens in dialog with Zuben.

By zyankali~: Summoned creatures will die now when the sentence "Go back now" is said.

Speechfixes by zyankali~: These fixes are for missing or wrong dialogues. They are for the following NPCs: Musan, Quadir, Nafalem, Benito, Sigmor, Delazar and Kafa

By NicoDE: The console will no longer be shown distorted.

By Unknown: Reduces the noise of the flame sword.

By WernerTWC:
This Patch solves the problem which came along with the official Patch 1.12.
Like in the ”old” but patched Ambient-Sound-Bug, we have that loop-sound with multiple
fire-sound-sources. This patch silences the the problematic ambient-fire-sound.

By Valfaris222 (optional):
Fix a mistake of the developers, improved memory managment, improve max. camera distance
and doubled the vegetations view.

By mdahm und Dungeon Master: Masil gives you an Magic ore blank only once not doubled (Quest "Debt and debility")

By mdahm und Dungeon Master:
An inactive dialogue with Benito is activated now. Now you can also finish the quest
"Report from the south" when you have provked him before.

By mdahm: Nefarius leaves the group after finishing the quest ""Secure the tomb!".

by mdahm:
The "Emaciated slave" now leaves the group after taking him to Lago's mine and setting him
free (in the case of canceling the quest).

By mdahm: After succesfully finishing the quest "A lesson in hospitality" Silvio leaves the group.

By mdahm: Aila now leaves the group when she was given to Jose instead of Nafalem.

By mdahm: Yasmin now leaves the groupd when given to Nasib for Gonzalez instead of Hamid.

By mdahm: After you fight against Sivert you can not choose Sivert's sentence anymore "Good fight. I'm Sivert!". Sivert say this himself now.

By mdahm und Dungeon Master:
If you don't use the dialogue option "I can take the ancestor stone to Nordmar" after the
quest "Take Ali's gift to Tom" then you can have the option to say: "I will take the
ancestor stone to Nordmar." after finishing of the quest "The hunters of Faring". If you
choosen this option first then you get the ancestor stone - but the other dialogue option
was still there. So you got Ejnars ancestor stone twice from Tom because you got it with
both dialog options.

By ANNOmaniac:
Quests "Destroy the rebel underground in Cape Dun" and "Destroy the rebel camp Reddock"
from Uruk will abort when you have talked to Javier in Reddock after liberation of
Cape Dun.

By ANNOmaniac:
Quest "Liberate Cape Dun" will abort after destruction of Reddock and killing the rebel
leader in Cape Dun.

By ANNOmaniac:
The Quest "Destroy the rebel camp Nemora" will abort now after you have liberated Trelis
with Tyler.

By ANNOmaniac: The Quests for liberate Trelis will abort when you talk to Vak after destruction of Nemora.

By ANNOmaniac: The Quest "Take Okara apart" will abort when you have got the reward from Sanford for liberation of Monteras.

By ANNOmaniac: The Quest "Liberate Montera from the orcs" will abort when you have got your reward from Varek for destruction of Okara.

By ANNOmaniac:
The Quest "Bring Nemrok the artifact from the ruin in the north" will abort when you talk
to Marius after liberation of Geldern.

By ANNOmaniac:
The Quest "The secret of Mazin, the Hashishin merchant" can finish now when Mazin was
killed after the hero got all questimportant informations from him

By Humanforce:
Seruk repeats dialogues when you have given him Urkrass'chalices. The faulty dialogue was
changed and an item-change was inserted.

By D4v3:
If you talk to Marik in Montera first then the quests "Report to the leader of the orcs'
mercenaries in Montera" and "Collect the rent for Domenik's farm" were not activated and
you can't got 75% reputation in Montera.

By D4v3:
Masil answered nothing at yout question where he has got the Magic ore blank when you have
finished the quest "Debt and debility".

By Kronos912:
If you refused Toporks challenge before the quest "Reddock needs a smith" then you didn't
challenge him anymore.

IV. Community Patch v1.3

By mdahm:
Only once you have 5 mana potions in the inventory will the options in the dialogue with
Pyran appear to say "Here are your potions". Therefore the quest will no longer disappear
unsolved when one has less than 5 potions in the inventory.

By mdahm:
Josh no longer tells the hero “I heard that Trelis has been liberated from the Orcs”,
before Trelis is really liberated.

By mdahm: Kalesch will speak the sentence “you won’t steal my reputation” only once.

By mdahm:
When the hero had destroyed the artifacts in the furnace and later on speaks with Karrypto,
one always got the sentence “With sadness I have to state that you have taken a most
questionable direction” as a dialogue option. Now Karrypto will say this sentence directly
when one starts the conversation with him.

By mdahm:
When one meets Merdarion for the first time and chooses the dialog option “Merdarion! What
are you doing here?” as the first, the option “Do we know eachother?” will no longer be

By mdahm:
It is now impossible to ask Mortis “Do you want to fight in the arena?”, eventhough you
already fought him.

By mdahm: The same bug for Mortis has also been changed for Tukash.

By mdahm: The same bug for Mortis has also been changed for Vigo.

By mdahm:
The quest “Becoming champion of the arena in Faring” can no longer be restarted again when
it has been succesfully resolved.

By mdahm:
When one traded Bison or Ice Wolf skins with Jensgar, unintended interaction could result
with the quest “Skins for Jensgar”. The quest could thereby be resolved successfully –
however without Jensgar actually giving the promised Composite Bow.

By mdahm:
Ugolf no longer takes all the gold of the hero after resolving the quest “Brew booze with
Ugolf”, but only the two as agreed upon.

By mdahm: Hector only gets 1400 Gold back, and doesn’t take all the gold of the hero.

By mdahm:
The quest "Hectors Gold" will no longer be successfully resolved automatically when one
buys Masils debtconfession.

By mdahm:
One can now sell Pedar shadowbeast horns, without having it a negative effect on the quest
“approval of the Oremelters”.

By mdahm:
The hero no longer asks Lee “What was that again?” when he already asked
“What about the prison?”

By mdahm:
Pranck now takes 20 potions from the hero instead of 19 for the quest
“The Orc warrior Pranck wants twenty healing potions”.

By mdahm:
One can name Markus’ Fire Chalice to Karrypto, even when one has found all 12 Chalices.

By mdahm:
Lester can now be talked to in Al Shedim, even when he is NOT scraping, for example when
he sits infront of his tent. At this opportunity the until then inactive quest “Lester in
Al Shedim” will be reactivated.

By mdahm:
Rathgar no longer speaks to one about “Alis Artifact”, when one has already placed this
one on the Runestone of Ejnar’s grave. Would the quest “The Ancestor Stone for Rathgar”
previously have started, it would be resolved by placing the stone.

By mdahm:
Now all the dialog options of the Talkmaster are available, such that he lets himself be
taken along and in so the quest will be resolved. (This is a testlevel and not available
without cheating)

By mdahm:
Ingvar now trades after the liberation of the mine, even when one hasn’t asked for it

By mdahm:
To make sure one does not get the idea that by buying a bottle of Nordmar Noggingfog from
Tippler and get an additional bottle from him, when one solves the quest
“Brew booze with Tippler” successfully, the buying option has been removed. Moreover the
tradingmenu bug that could lead to ending the quest by selling the ingredients to Tippler
has been circumvented. Hereby Tippler would take together booze and healingplants.

By mdahm:
The quest “Deliver Vandorn pickaxes” will no longer be fullfilled by trading with Vandorn.
The quest only solves with the dialog option “Here. 20 pickaxes.” The hero will then give
Vandorn exactly 20 pickaxes and the quest will be posted as successfully.

By mdahm: Bogirs druidstone cannot be obtained doubly anymore.

By mdahm: Torns druidstone cannot be obtained doubly anymore.

By mdahm: Miguels steel crate cannot be obtained doubly anymore.

By mdahm: Runaks druidstone cannot be obtained doubly anymore.

By mdahm:
Until now one could obtain the druidstone from Ripper, when one previously had taken the
broken version of the stone from him. In this case at least the hero gets the destroyed
stone back automatically, before he gets the repaired stone.

By mdahm:
Treslotts Fire Chalice cannot be obtained doubly anymore. Besides that the tradebug is
circumvented, where one could trade with Treslott only after giving him the Herbacious
Lobelia. Otherwise this quest could solve without Treslott giving the Fire Chalice; even
more, the number of potions that Treslott gave as a reward varied in number.

By mdahm: Rakus Fire Chalice cannot be obtained doubly anymore.

By mdahm: Miltens Fire Chalice cannot be obtained doubly anymore.

By mdahm: Wenzels Fire Chalice cannot be obtained doubly anymore from Urkrass.

By mdahm: Bengerds Fire Chalice cannot be obtained doubly anymore.

By mdahm: Konrads Fire Chalice cannot be obtained doubly anymore.

By mdahm: Markus Fire Chalice cannot be obtained doubly anymore.

By mdahm: Removed an error in the script.

By Humanforce: When one becomes champion of the arena in Mora Sul, Angar gives a Katana as a reward.

By ANNOmaniac:
Abe does no longer have the dialog option “Let’s trade” twice anymore. To receive the
quest to open up the real trade option, one first has to open up the initial trade option.

By ANNOmaniac & mdahm:
The quest “Bring Lukjan the money for the skins” can no longer be resolved accidentally by

By ANNOmaniac:
When one has killed the bandits for the quest with Tufail already, then “Follow Tufail”
cannot be started anymore. Despite this the heros still has the response option “They’re
all dead”. Thereafter the violent solution has to be chosen.

By ANNOmaniac:
Mezir no longer asks “And, did you find him?”, eventhough he didn’t help the hero in
finding Ramirez. Resulting from this, Mezir can also not be brought to the oasis anymore,
when Ramirez is found without his help.

By ANNOmaniac:
The dialog option with Grim “Where can I find Hanson?” is now only available, once Grim
has actually told about Hanson.

By ANNOmaniac & mdahm:
The quest “Kaffu wants his gold back” can no longer be resolved unwanted through trading.

By Zyankali~:
The dialog option “Where can I find Gotha?” with Hatlod will no longer be shown

By Kronos912:
Karlen can now only be talked to go into the desert, when the quests “Go with Karlen to
the Pass to Varant” and “The outlaw Paladin at the Pass to Varant must die” have been
resolved. Otherwise the dialog option is no longer available when Karlen walks around
without a clear goal.

By lichtwicht: The quest “Follow Merdarion” can now be resolved.

By mdahm:
Xardas does not request the hero to ask the Orc shamans in Geldern for the artifacts,
eventhough Geldern is already liberated and Grok is dead.

By mdahm:
The quest “Lurkerhunt with Wilson” will now end finally, after all Lurkers are dead and
Wilson is informed on this, even when he has not yet arrived on his endpoint before the

By mdahm: The quest “Wenzel cleans up” will now resolve permanently when Cape Dun is liberated and Wenzel is informed on this, even when he has not yet arrived on his endpoint at the entrance of the city.

By mdahm: The trade menu will no longer disturb the quest “Bring sulphur for the Shaman Grimboll”. Grimboll will also receive only 5 units of sulphur from the hero. Hereby, the quest cannot be solved anymore by selling the sulphur.

By Kronos912: When one killed Aldo on request of Sigmor, he would afterwards call the hero a murderer. This has been resolved.

By Kronos912: Until now it was possible Avogadro, who was to be captured on order of the Orcs, bought himself free before the quest therefore had been started. Now it is only possible after the Orc has talked about it.

By Kronos912: When one said to Falk to go on Snapper hunt, he would say “I’ll go with you. When do we go?” and the hero would automatically answer “Come with me”. Now it is possible to talk with Falk about this and it is not necessary to go hunting with him directly.

By Kronos912: Due to a bug, Hanson would always give less than 20 Ice wolfskins, which should be brought to Rune, when one had sold him Ice wolfskins beforehand. The hero himself should obtain the other skins. Since this bug was connected to the trading, the trading is only unlocked as soon as the quest is obtained. This is not connected to any conditions and is therefore available already in the first talk.

By Kronos912: With the quest “Bring Innostian manaplants”, he took until now the requested 50, plus the number of them the player had bought of him. This is anticipated now by use of different parameters.

By Kronos912: Until now when one was attacked in the desert by Kirk and killed him, the guards of the nearby city would designate the hero as a murderer.

By Kronos912: Until now when one knocked down Tragak, to totally plunder him, one could still escort him to Grompel. Now one has to distinct to fulfil either to resolve the rebel quest, or the
Orc quest.

By Humanforce: Correction of incorrect reputation icreases for certain cities and fractions.

By Zyankali~: Erroneous inventory picture for the wooden shields removed.

Build 1.12

  • Fixed ambient sound bug
  • Sound occlusion improved
  • Several physics and character movement bugs fixed
  • Inventory exploit fixed
  • Camera behaviour improved
  • Several mission logs fixed
  • Several small quest bugs fixed
  • NPCs don't die as quickly as before when fighting monsters. This helps party members to survive.

Build 1.09

  • fixes an issue where trying to save a game would crash/hang the program with a memory related error message

Build 1.08


To avoid using the patches (same for 1.07) as an exploit:

  • unequip all items
  • save game
  • apply patch
  • load game

Otherwise equipment bonuses will be counted doubly after reequipping.


  • Several crash bugs fixed
  • Performance increased
  • Combat AI for several monsters improved/simplified (e.g. boar)
  • Lots of AI Fixes ( Murderer Reaction from party member fixed, AI comments improved)
  • Sleeping NPC's AI reactions improved
  • Camera Control: Inverting the X-axis is now saved
  • Lensflare/Sun doesn't shine through mountains and buildings anymore
  • Rhobar and Zuben are dead after defeating them
  • Revolution mechanics improved
  • Lester does now talk even when not sitting at the campfire
  • Epilogue fixed
  • "No mission success after 2 times "not enough gold" fixed


  • Vak and Gonzales are now still there after a revolution
  • There are now more weapons at traders and in chests
  • Annoying NPCs from Faring arena removed
  • Story and Missions in Al shedim improved. (Lester,Saturas,Wutras,etc...)
  • Snorre's ancestor stone fixed
  • All problems of Hogar and the southern Orcs fixed
  • Ronar Trading fixed
  • Less monsters/Orcs in Nordmar
  • Vibald is now carrying explosive arrows
  • Bogir dialog fixed
  • Osmund dialog fixed


  • Crossbow handling improved

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