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TrackMania United

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer: Nadeo

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'TrackMania United' Gets Steamed

by Rainier on June 7, 2007 @ 11:17 a.m. PDT

TrackMania United is the complete TrackMania game, regrouping all the TrackMania games released until now and all their add-ons. The Stadium environment from TrackMania Nations will benefit from a new version with twice more blocks, while integrating a whole new set of functionalities both for online and solo play.

TrackMania United represents what Nadeo wanted to do from the beginning with his vision of TrackMania. Functionnalities such as the management of solo scores, the possibility to combine the different environments in one game and highly technological graphics adapting to every computer.

Add to this all the tools developed until now for TrackMania: the MediaTracker, which allows to create introductions, cinematic sequences ands spectacular replays for the races, the integration of musics, pictures and videos to further enrich your tracks, the model importer to replace your vehicle by other ones, the Painter to paint to your will the cars from TrackMania or the ones you imported, the integrated Peer2Peer network to exchange all your creations, the dedicated server, etc.

"Trackmania has captured the attention of both racing and action gamers across Europe and the world," said Jason Holtman, director of business development at Valve. "The launch of this title not only expands Steam's collection of racing titles, but also continues in the Steam tradition of introducing innovative titles to our worldwide audience of over 13 million customers and growing."

"As an unrivaled digital distribution platform, Steam is the ideal vehicle to introduce TrackMania United to audiences around the world," said Cedric Lagarrigue, Chief Operating Officer at Focus Home Interactive.

Finally, a new dimension will appear with TrackMania United. The first TrackMania was created for the fun, the second one for the sensations, the third one for the sport. This fourth TrackMania, although the fusion of the first three, will add a new dimension to the racing, the creation and the sharing: it will be Existential.

What is an Existential game? It's mostly a pretty pretentious term that could have resulted from a marketing brainstorming session gone wrong. Let's say a game that is not Existential is the same as a book that is not read. By playing TrackMania United, your action will exist, you will exist. You will have a ranking on every track in your God's forsaken place at the end of the world. Your creations will be rated by the players. You will receive news about the oncoming competitions, to compete or to watch. You will see the most famous players of the worlds, the Mania Stars, the ranking of your team in your department... Wether you are in contact with other players or not, your actions will have an impact on the TrackMania world, and you will have a reaction from them.

Anyway, all this is bla bla, we will do some incomprehensible nonsensical stuff that will not necessary give anything worthwhile anyway. But we are going forward, exploring new possibilities, and we are sure we will find new rock solid concepts with the most constructive community ever.

TrackMania United is available at a 20% discount for those who pre-order via Steam by June 14, 2007. The game will also be available in retail outlets in the coming weeks.

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