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'Campfire: Become Your Nightmare' (ALL) Revived - Screens

by Rainier on July 12, 2007 @ 2:33 p.m. PDT

After a couple of years on hold, the development of the game Campfire: Become Your Nightmare, a survival horror game dropped by Sony in 2004, is back on track as a result of Nordic VFX Company’s acquisition of the intellectual property rights from Gamefederation.

Campfire is a "reverse survival horror" game. Instead of playing the victim you play the part of a serial killer who stalks and scares his victims before finally killing them. Based on contemporary slasher movies of the 70’s and 80’s, the player is allowed to play a range of different serial killers to cause chaos and mass destruction on the camping grounds.

“Having played a key role in the team that originally created this game idea and prototype, it made sense for us to purchase the rights for Campfire when the opportunity arose”, explains Per von Koch, Managing Director and co-founder of Swedish creative specialist Nordic VFX Company AB.

The purchase gives Nordic VFX complete control over all previous, current and future work, documents, reference material, assets, trademarks and copyrights and enables the company to produce Campfire products. The first iteration of the franchise is intended to be a video game designed specifically for consoles, fully prepared for downloadable episodic content, referred to as campfire tales. Four tales are planned to be available at launch. Development partner and outsourcing collaborators have yet to be announced.

“Campfire has been a much sought after game and we are very excited to continue the work on it” says Per von Koch, lead game designer at Nordic VFX Company.

“With the online capabilities, video HD support and next generation processing power, Campfire can finally become the extraordinary gaming experience we all envisioned back in 2003. We are very eager to start pre-production and re-establish discussions with the leading publishers in the industry. Campfire is a unique and exciting concept and we look forward to releasing the game for the leading platforms in time for Halloween 2009”, concludes von Koch.

“We have worked with Nordic VFX on a number of projects and we know their vision for Campfire is very much in line with what we want to achieve. They will develop a great game and there is no question there is a demand for it, looking at all the inquiries we receive from dedicated fans”, says Thomas Lindgren, CEO and founder of Gamefederation. Gamefederation retains all the rights for the mobile game and will further investigate to develop a mobile title in collaboration with Nordic VFX.

Campfire is scheduled for release October 2009.

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