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Glukoza: Action!

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Gamefactory Interactive
Developer: GFI Russia

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'Glukoza: Action!' - 50 New Screens

by Rainier on July 2, 2007 @ 6:08 p.m. PDT

Glukoza: ACTION! combines exhilarating 3rd person action game with classical fighting, when you move from one level to another, beating your enemies hard. Player controls Glukoza directly and can use various types of weapons that can be found within game levels. Melee and hand-to-hand combat modes are also present.

Anarchy and Arbitrariness are dancing tap on the lifeless remains of Kind-heartedness and Calmness. Faker-boys are as disgraceful and cruel as ever! Malignant Monsters do their best to ruine the life of everyone within their sight coverage. Vampire and evil pig producing Incubator has been launched at full power and keeps spitting out new bunches of blood-suckers and cloven-hoofed bustards.

Shocking, isn't it? Don't panic - Gluck'Oza squad is ready for action! Brave girl and her band will clean up the area of the enemies. To all Vampires it is strictly recommended to saw down their canines and disguise as humans! Look around, Fat Piggy, a heavy military boot is about to kick you hard. Massive attack is about to begin.

12 levels filled up with gun fire, powder smell and hand-to-hand fighting side by side with the warlike girl are awaiting you!

It's a story of a singer girl named Gluck'Oza. She is young, gifted sexy and dangerous. She has some enemies and some faithful mates. All the rest is plain and simple. It is a fighting/action game where you move from one level to another beating your enemies hard.

The player controls Gluck'Oza directly and can use various types of weapons that can be found on levels. Melee and hand-to-hand combat modes are also present. By pressing different combinations of buttons the player orders Gluck'Oza to perform combos. Additionally there are special super strikes, for example, "gun-kata" that become available in specific situations. If such a situation occurs the player is notified of it with a tip showing required buttons combination to perform a special strike. For instance, when Gluck'Oza uses two pistols (one in each hand) she can shoot at two monsters at the same time by spreading hands to her left and right.

There are companions that follow Gluck'Oza on levels - her virtual band. Each member of Gluck'Oza team carries his own weapon and acts independently trying to stick close to Gluck'Oza while she moves.

Key features

  • Dynamic mix of exhilarating 3D person action game and classical fighting;
  • Game is based on WarFare engine;
  • Fair physics, Sharp-looking cartoon-style graphics, realistic lights;
  • Extended combo system;
  • Various weapons are available!

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