Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: Playlogic
Developer: Dagger Games

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'Dimensity' - 20 New Screens

by Rainier on July 24, 2007 @ 4:20 p.m. PDT

Dimensity is a strategy game with a strong role-playing element. In the world of Dimensity you will have the opportunity to adventure, fight against challenging enemies, lead an army and follow up quests.

The storyline in Dimensity take its place in original fantasy world created by the God of Light who banished the gods of chaos and darkness into a prison made by their own void. He created the inhabitants of the world including the races of the noble humans and the furious triends. But the Rivals of the God of Light managed to corrupt some men and entered the world bringing devastation upon it. The God of Light himself repelled them and changed the world forever to keep it safe.

The times where the story of the single player campaigns takes place are troubled. For more than 80 years the humans are in war with the triends and no side can prevail. After the king of the greatest human realm – The Empire, finds his death in the distant territories of the triends, a common hunter obeying his last orders takes a long and dangerous journey to the capital. It is a story of noble deeds and rising from a commoner to the title of knight and general of the empire's army.

The triend campaign reveals the events five years after the end of the human campaign. The triend lands are invaded by the humans and the situation soon becomes critical for their survival. One of the mightiest among them, although young, begins a glorious quest to gather the scattered triend forces and drive back the attackers. The two separate by the first look stories, begin to interweave in the end with breath taking final.

The unique game play features of Dimensity allow the players to choose from various combinations of skills and tactics and to have native game play suited to their individual style. Players interested in straight combat and item finding can immediately choose the challenge mode where to play without following some story plot. Besides there are two separate single player story driven campaigns which the fans of the classic role play and strategy games can follow. Those more interested in multi player engagements can find their place in Dimensity by developing a leader who can be transferred between multiplayer sessions and depending on the player’s skills to level the leader up and equip him with the most powerful weapons and armor. By combining a dangerous world, a brand new story and four unique races to choose from, players are guaranteed an enjoyable experience in every game play mode in Dimensity.

Features :

  • Full 3d engine based on DirectX 9.0 features;
  • Both strategic and third person view;
  • Four unique races with own architecture;
  • Ability to create and develop a Leader - unique for every race;
  • More than 100 unique units;
  • Over 80 special effects and spells;
  • Billions of items with various characteristics and usefulness. Specially developed drop system;
  • Multiplayer with up to four players;
  • Hero, units and items transfer from one game sesson to another;
  • Challenge mode played on custom maps with increased difficulty.

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