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Tabula Rasa

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: NCSoft
Developer: NCSoft

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Join Richard Garriott At the 'Tabula Rasa' Launch Event in Texas

by Rainier on July 25, 2007 @ 2:18 a.m. PDT

A heroic task awaits you. Just beyond your galaxy, an ancient malevolence has embarked upon a covetous rampage. This demonic juggernaut seeks nothing less than the total enslavement of every world it encounters. Your world could be next. Developed from the ground up to be stable, fast and fun, Tabula Rasa represents a refreshing new approach to the design of multiplayer online games.

From the ashes of an ancient conflict, a cosmic war threatens all life with death or enslavement. As the alien Bane amass their forces for the final battle, the galaxy’s last free sentient beings are the thin line between life and death, between good and evil.

Explore lush forest planets, volcanic moons, and exotic alien civilizations. Face off against powerful alien soldiers, armored mechanoids, and vicious predators! Use a wide range of exotic weapons and unique alien powers to help the Allied Free Sentients (AFS) in their desperate fight against extinction. Tabula Rasa combines a vast, persistent game world and ongoing storyline with fast-paced action, resulting in a striking new approach to the design of multiplayer online games.

Key Features

  • Experience an all-new, original fictional fantasy universe crafted by gaming industry pioneer, Richard Garriott.
  • Begin the game with your very own customizable home set within a private landscaped estate.
  • Using a completely unique advancement system, you may change your character's career path at any time without losing items, currency, housing, or reputation.
  • Participate in a wide variety of challenging, scripted missions, or jump into an array of shared frontline battlefields, where you decide if you'll be the lone hero or part of a team.
  • Travel to distant worlds and join your friends instantly through universally implemented teleportation systems.
  • Engage your adversaries with martial arts-inspired combat action and customizable, esoteric weapons that bond with you over time.
  • Immerse yourself within a richly-detailed game world featuring beautifully rendered 3-D environments, unique alien creatures and characters, and imaginative technorganic fashion and architecture.
  • Your adventures are set to an original, dynamically-mixed soundtrack by recording artist, Chris Vrenna.
  • Fully integrated voice chat technology allows you speak directly to your friends and coordinate battles with your team.

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