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Six More Developers License Philips' amBX Technology

by Rainier on July 25, 2007 @ 6:26 a.m. PDT

Six new developer (Gearbox Software, Zombie, Riot Games, Brain in a Jar, Invictus Games and Instinct Technology) have licensed Philips' amBX platform, expanding the 'sensory surround experience’ by using light, color, sound and even air flow through enabled devices.

Shorthand for ‘ambient experiences’, amBX revolutionises the gameplay experience by extending the gaming world out of the screen and into the real world. amBX delivers a full ‘sensory surround experience’ by equipping game developers with a tool box to use light, colour, sound and even air flow through enabled devices, including the Philips amBX PC Gaming Peripherals range of LED colour-controlled lighting, rumble peripherals and desktop fans.

The developer signings represent a strong cross section of the worldwide development community, including Hungary-based Invictus Games, Los Angeles-based Riot Games and Seattle-based Zombie joining Texas-based Gearbox Software, developer of the hugely successful and critically acclaimed Brothers in Arms and one of the largest independent developers in the world.

“amBX is a very cool and innovative technology that allows your games to stand out in a very crowded marketplace,” commented John E. Williamson, President, Zombie.

The agreement with Ireland-based Instinct Technology will see amBX used through Instinct Studio as part of future middleware solutions to the game development industry.

“We’re really thrilled that Philips has partnered with us to allow amBX features to be exposed through Instinct Studio, furthering our aim of offering best in class support for complementary technologies within the Instinct Studio development environment,” commented Mike Gamble, Business Development Director.

Representing the best of British, amongst the raft of amBX signings, is Cheshire-based Brain in a Jar.

“With our move to latest generation technology in the form of our soon to be announced Xbox 360 and PC racing game, Philips amBX is the perfect partner for enhancing the gaming experience on offer from our studio,” commented Carl Dalton, Creative Director.

Philips is setting a global standard by licensing the amBX technology to computer game developers, publishers and peripherals manufacturers and Gearbox Software, Zombie, Riot Games, Brain in a Jar, Invictus Games and Instinct Technology join a rapidly growing list of games industry companies supporting amBX-enabled games and peripherals, including Codemasters, THQ, Introversion, Kuju, Revolution, Sumo Digital, Rivers Run Red, Philips Peripherals & Accessories and SpectraVideo. Philips is currently in the closing stages of agreements with a number of other high profile companies regarding amBX-enabling all kinds of games.

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