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EA Developing New Marvel Super Hero Fighting Game for PS3/X360

by Rainier on July 27, 2007 @ 6:04 a.m. PDT

At Comic-con 2007, EA announced that EA Chicago, known for the Fight Night series and the more recent Def Jam Icon, will develop a brand new Super Hero fighting game franchise using the Marvel license, scheduled for release on PS3 & X360 in 2008.

EA Chicago, the leading development team on top fighting franchises including EA Sports Fight Night series and Def Jam: Icon, is using their talent and expertise to take on an elusive game development challenge - to deliver an authentic Super Hero fighting experience that has been promised for years but never truly been delivered.

"We looked at past comic-based games to find out what was missing and what was needed to successfully translate the intensity, excitement and fiction from comics into fighting games," said Kudo Tsunoda, General Manager and Vice President, EA Chicago. "We're challenging ourselves to make a game that delivers on the Super Hero promises of past top-tier fighting games."

"Marvel Super Heroes are a natural fit in the fighting game genre, so we're excited to have Kudo and his team of fighting game experts put these characters toe-to-toe against each other on next generation consoles," said Justin Lambros, Vice President of Interactive, Marvel Entertainment. "This is a game that will deliver to both comic book fans and to fighting game diehards."

"Featuring a great all-star line-up of Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains with incredible powers that are authentic to the fiction, huge environments and a living world that keeps the gameplay fresh, every battle will be unique; every battle will be like a first edition," added Tsunoda.

Tsunoda will be appearing at Comic-con on Marvel's video games panel to discuss the future of fighting and comic-based titles. The panel is on Friday, July 27 from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. PT. Comic fans and gamers will meet the creators of their favorite Marvel video games and hear the inside scoop on the upcoming line-up of console, PC and handhelds games featuring the mighty Marvel Super Heroes.

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