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Paradox Interactive Acquires 'Majesty' Property

by Rainier on July 3, 2007 @ 10:02 a.m. PDT

Paradox Interactive has acquired the intellectual property for Cyberlore '98 fantasy kingdom sim title Majesty, which quickly became one of the most renowned games to be released in the genre and sold over 500.000 copies worldwide.

In the announcement, Paradox Interactive made it clear that their intention is to create a portfolio under the Majesty brand to further strengthen the franchise, and to build on the strong fan base the brand has garnered so far.

"Majesty was a ground breaking game when it was released and a breath of fresh air in the RTS-genre", said Theodore Bergqvist, Chairman and CEO of Paradox Interactive. "Our vision is to build upon the strengths of the brand and capitalize on those core elements that have kept fans rating Majesty as one of the best games ever released".

"We strongly feel that Majesty deserves to be revitalized and there are few gaming companies out there capable of taking this franchise to the next level", said Lester Humphreys, Founder of Cyberlore Studios. "There is no question in our minds that Paradox Interactive is the right company to do just that."

Majesty is a fantasy real-time strategy game. At first, it may look like another Age of Empires clone with its different buildings and units but the game plays completely different. You don't have the chance to control your units directly. They have their own wills and do whatever they want to do. The player can indirectly control them by setting gathering points to various spots on the map. Units then try to reach these points and will automatically choose the right action to do at this spot once they're there, e.g. fighting monsters, harvest food or mine resources.

Gamers can already now try out the Majesty franchise on GamersGate. The portal has added Majesty Gold Edition to its increasingly growing portfolio. The Gold Edition includes the original game as well as the expansion Northern Kingdom.


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