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War Wound

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy

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'War Wound' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on July 3, 2007 @ 1:39 p.m. PDT

War Wound is an isometric action/strategy game that centres around a Special Forces unit during a war in the near future. The game features real-time game play where each mission sees the player take command of a four man squad who must battle through various locations using a range of skills.

Get the War Wound demo off WP (50mb)

18 missions to work through, ranging from cerebral game play to frantic guns blazing action in a diverse range of locations including Jungle, Arctic, Urban and Desert environments. War Wound will not only challenge the beginner but also the hardened veteran.

These missions will require the player to use such abilities as swimming, climbing and piloting vehicles. Success in War Wound will hinge on all of the available skills being used at the right time and in the right place, but above all, use and mastery of the four weapons; Handgun, Machine Gun, Rifle and Rocket Launcher.

Philippe Thibaut, CEO of AGEOD, said: Since we started, we wanted to help small companies and fellow developers to bring their creations to the gaming public. This is one of the reasons we created AGEOD, to help the small ventures, where they would otherwise face difficulties entering a games industry dominated by big AAA titles. We are always pleased when we see small teams complete their products and support them, whatever their technical level may be, and we believe we should offer them a chance. We are convinced of the quality of the team that made WAR WOUND and are sure you'll enjoy playing it.

Richard Fretwell, CEO of APOTHECARY STUDIOS, said: When starting Apothecary we looked at classic games from the early to mid nineties that we used to play growing up. We decided to bring back a genre that was really playable but very rarely explored on modern hardware. With War Wound we believe we have delivered a game that encapsulates some of that classic game play, while taking advantage of today's 3D capabilities to allow level design which was not possible on systems at that time. AGEOD has allowed us the opportunity to publish a game whose genre is ignored by larger publishers who are only interested in putting out the same 'safe' genres.

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