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BUKA's Game Convention 2007 Lineup

by Rainier on Aug. 13, 2007 @ 2:24 a.m. PDT

Buka announced its Games Convention line-up, where The Hunt, Sledgehammer and The Swarm will make their first appearance. In addition Buka will showcase two games that have advanced greatly since they were presented last year, Collapse and DUSK-12.
  • Collapse
  • DUSK-12
  • The Hunt
  • The Swarm
  • Sledgehammer

GENRE: Action / Adventure

2096 A.D. The world we now is destroyed. Creatures from other dimension emerged over the old Europe, massacring and killing every life form they found on their way. The remains of humankind live under the constant menace of alien attacks, while the law of the strongest has taken place over the society. The Lords, an elite group appeared from the total chaos and anarchy and now they are the only barrier between the total annihilation. Collapse is a remarkable 3D Non-stop Action game. It has the gripping adventure elements and impresses with the acrobatic movements and realism of character.

GENRE: First Person Shooter

The project to create the perfect soldier ran out of control, and turned into the incurable virus. The whole city is now under quarantine as the inhabitants transformed into blood-thirsty assassins. A group of Spec Ops. soldiers are now trying to uncover the secrets of those aborted experiments undertaken 4 years ago... DUSK-12 is a state of the art first person shooter, full of action for single and multiplayer and hyper-realistic graphics full of details.

GENRE: First Person Shooter

In 2025, the criminality among the society reached levels not known before. The government approved an extreme measure to ensure peace and security for the society. Being a common citizen, there is a probability of one in a million of receiving the back mark... a device implanted in your body that emits a signal which can be followed. The main character is not a soldier or a well-trained hero. He is a normal person who receives the Black Mark and becomes the main star of The Hunt. He has to escape and learn to survive. This brand new FPS breaks the established rules of the genre. Now shooting won't be enough to survive…

GENRE: Action / Adventure

What we saw in the movies finally happened. Science-fiction became reality and everybody could see how huge spaceships landed over the main capitals of the world. Aliens attacked at once, killing millions of humans in mere seconds. The governments of the Earth answered to the attack with nuclear weaponry, in a desperate movement for destroying the aliens, at the cost of the planet itself… The Swarm is a 3D adventure game, full of action on 3rd view where the player will face the challenge of surviving in a wasted Moscow that shows the scars of the alien attack, defending himself from the attacks of other humans looking for a piece of food, and from the dangerous aliens.

GENRE: Action / Racing

The American highways are more dangerous than ever… it doesn’t matter if you drive a car, a bike or a truck, the chances of being shot, smashed, nailed and/or crushed are of 9 out of 10. Consequently, only the craziest or those with enough weapons dare to hit the road. Sledgehammer is a pure action game on wheels, and a festival of demolition and speed, all in one. Drive the most powerful truck and destroy every opponent that you’ll find on the road or go to the multiplayer mode and decide who is the king of the highway, among your friends.

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