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'Phoenix Wright' Developer Working on Three New Titles

by Rainier on Aug. 28, 2007 @ 1:52 a.m. PDT

Singapore-based game studio Mikoishi, known for Capcom's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, announced that it' working on three original franchises: SteamIron, DropCast and Blunt Force Trauma, all of which will be first previewed at GCA Games Convention Asia 2007 (Singapore, 6-8 September 2007).

During GCA 2007, Mikoishi will showcase the studio’s much anticipated action puzzle title for the NDS based on the DropCast characters and visitors to the Mikoishi booth will be the first to try playing the DropCast game . At the same time, Mikoishi will also introduce SteamIron, an epic multi-platform sci-fi fantasy for 3G mobile, Nintendo DS and PC Online.

“Our release schedule in the upcoming months looks extremely exciting and combined with our expanded relationships with leading entertainment companies in Asia, Europe and the US, Mikoishi is embarking on a new era of interactive entertainment,” said Irene Chua, Mikoishi’s CEO.

Chua added, “These are potential world-class franchises. The current interest in our products to date and our new development strategy are strong indicators that we are on the right path to success.”

“The studio poured a lot of creative energy into these franchises and products” said Alex Goatcher, Chief Creative Officer, Mikoishi “Our key focus has been to innovate in game play, as well as to explore new opportunities for cross-platform story telling and product roll out.”

“Our portfolio provides for all segments of gamers, both male and female, casual to avid , with focus on the unique entertainment experience on each different platform.”

Mikoishi’s product line-up is powered by Theatre, the company’s network middleware for developing and operating online interactive entertainment products across multiple devices and mediums.

Mikoishi Franchise Titles:


SteamIron is an epic cross-platform sci-fi fantasy that plays out over multiple installments on both handheld and PC platforms. The adventure begins on 3G mobile with future installments planned for Mobile, NDS and PC platforms.

The SteamIron fiction stems from an alternate history, projected far into future where the electronic revolution as we know it never occurred. Although the universe is recognizably futuristic, everything is grounded in the mechanical world. From inter-stellar space ships to advance communications all technologies are decidedly retro in their derivations.

First SteamIron game will be released Q4 2007 for mobile devices.


DropCast charts the ever-so-slightly macabre adventures of Ingrid and her re-animated plush toys. A series of casual game titles are planned, all designed to innovate game-play on their respective target gaming platforms. First offering is an exciting character based action puzzle game for the Nintendo DS.

First DropCast game will be released Q1 2008 for NDS.

Blunt Force Trauma

Blunt Force Trauma ( BFT) is a massive multiplayer online fighting game for the PC. BFT will bring a brand new all out mass brawling experience to the online gaming market. Other key features include deep character customization, a strong community built around a "Gang" system, uncountable quests to challenge oneself and live-match broadcasting.

BFT will also feature an unprecedented music experience through collaboration with the major music labels. BFT is coupled with a new micro-transaction revenue system that enables players to personalize their character and experience from the desktop or using a mobile companion product.

First Blunt Force Trauma game will be released Q1 2009 for PC.

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