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'Loki' - v1.0.6.0 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 3, 2007 @ 8:54 a.m. PDT

A fantasy voyage through the great mythologies, Loki allows the player to take on the role of one of the 4 heroes of the game, each drawn from a different mythology : a mighty Norse fighter, a fierce Greek warrior, a powerful Egyptian magician or an Aztec shaman who masters the secrets of the spirit world.

Get the Loki v1.0.6.0 Patch off WP (126mb)

Loki v1.0.6.0 fixes :


  • Memory optimisation when zoning
  • Fixed stuck issues with some Egyptian spells
  • Fixed Poison Application and Ice Application Greek skills (note: not sure for the name) which didn't apply any state
  • Fixed various problems with the attack speed modifier.
  • Fixed the missing portal in the Delta of Tabasco area in the Aztec world.
  • Fixed a problem where the arrow for the quest "Trip through the underworld" was not correctly shown after the "Way to Hell" area (note: well, just fix the quest and area names, I'm sure mine are off :p)
  • Fixed a problem where the arrow for the quest "The trip of the deads" was not correctly shown when we came back to talk to Charon.
  • Fixed minor skill description problems where "1H Hammer" was written "1 Hammer" (note: tried to translate this, but it may simply be of no use there, if it was only a problem in the French localised files, or the problem in English version might have shown differently ).
  • Fixed a problem with the experience amount needed to get next level when one reaches level 200.
  • Now when a character resurrect his energy is set to max and his cooldowns reset.


  • Reduced slightly material amounts required to forge armours
  • Reduced slightly material amounts required to forge weapons (note: man, they could have merge this with the previous one... it looks like they're trying to make people think there's many fixes in the patch while there's really not much )
  • Reduced slightly the chances of getting unique items in stashes.
  • Improved the system allowing the players to get items more fit for their character class.
  • Increased XP gain on some monster classes (Elite, Legend, Boss, Super Boss).
  • Removed added physical damage on Bull Charge skill.
  • Giant Strength skill: Increased duration, bonus, and energy cost.
  • Armour of the Ases skill: Reduced bonus, Increased duration and energy cost.
  • Change in the quest rewards systems: Increased XP rewards, reduced Gold rewards, Added randomly generated items as rewards.

Loki v1.0.5.0 fixes :


- Behebung eines Fehlers beim Wechseln zum neuen Schwierigkeitsgrades, wenn dieser freigeschaltet wurde.
- Behebung eines Fehlers, der beim automatischen Angriff, bei einer Parade oder Abwehr den Kampf unterbrochen hat.
- Behebung des Fehlers, der Auftrat wenn man eine Haltung mit der Shifttaste ausführte und Gleichzeitig einen Skill benutzte und dazu führte, dass sich der Charakter bewegte.
- Behebung des gegenseitigen Ausschlusses der Sills, Rüstung des Ra und der Horus Rüstung, die nicht zusammen arbeiteten.
- Behebung eines Fehlers von Patch, der beim Einnehmen des Reinigungstrankes beim Barbaren auftritt.
- Behebung eines Fehlers, der mit dem Auftauchen von NPC’s an der falschen Stelle zu tun hatte.
- Behebung des “Elixier des Todes” Fehlers und der dazu gehörenden Truhe
- Volfoss taucht endlich auf und die Quest ist abzuschließen.
- Der Questpfeil zu Volfoss taucht endlich auf.
- Behebung eines Schaden-Fehlers bei dem Skill “Kugel des Ra“.
- Behebung eines Fehlers bei der Chance einen Gegner zu Boden zu werfen.
- Behebung der Probleme bei den Skills Kraft des Geistes, Grabesopfer und Mumienopfer wurden korrigiert.
- Behebung eines Darstellungsfehlers bei Anti-Unverwundbarkeit.
- Behebung bei Dauer und Wirkung von visuellen Effekten und Schaden bei einigen Rüstungs-Skills(Rüstung des Ra , Rüstung des Horus, Rüstung Odins).
- Behebung der Fehler beim Benou Monster (Angriff, Flächenzauber usw.)
- Behebung eines Fehlers bei der Darstellung von 6 Skandinavischen Relikten. (MEGINGJARD usw..).
- Bewegungen der Schamanin bei der Metamorphose in Jaguar oder Geist wurden verbessert.
- Mana Regeneration der Schamanin in der Geisterwelt wurde verbessert.
- Die Waffen der Schamanin werden jetzt nach der Rückkehr aus der Jaguar- oder Geisterform wieder aktiviert
- Die Startwaffe des Barbaren wurde geändert.
- Begebung des Bewegungsfehlers
- Behebung des gegenseitigen Ausschlusses der Skills, Rüstung des Ra und der Horus Rüstung, die nicht zusammen arbeiteten.
- Behebung einiger Probleme beim Zurücksetzen der Fähigkeiten.
- Behebung eines Fehlers beim Material Diamant
- Behebung eines Fehlers beim Laden des Questlogs


- Cheat Schutz für Skills, kritischen Schlägen, Ausweichen und Paraden.
- Hinzufügen einer automatischen Sortierfunktion der Einzelteile im Inventar
- Im Herausforderungsmodus werden jetzt die nächsten Quests automatisch geladen.


- Die Vergabe von XP Punkten wurde verbessert.
- Erfahrungspunkte hängen jetzt vom Schwierigkeitsgrad ab. Höherer Schwierigkeitsgrad gibt mehr XP's
- Die Droprate der verschiedenen Items wurde angepasst und Chancen erhöht.
- Mana Kosten und besonders der Anstieg der Fähigkeit sind verbessert worden
- Die Waren der Händler werden jetzt regelmäßig aktualisiert
- Göttliche Gegenstände kann man jetzt schon ab Lvl 180 finden (anstelle von 200
- Der Skill für die Benutzung von 2 Waffen gleichzeitig wurde überarbeitet
- Die Dauer und die Wirkung des Skills Schlag der Mumie wurde angepasst.
- Anhebung des Wirkungsradius des Albtraum Skills.
- Die Dauer der Kampfschreie des Barbaren wurden angehoben
- Heruntersetzung der Angriffsfrequenz der griechischen Bogenschützen

Loki v1.0.4.0 fixes :

"New game" option now only reset maps and mobs, and non longer quests and waypoints
Quest items are now shown in purple
With shift down, you no longer can target your allies, making the use of the shift key easier to hit mobs
Stocked and equiped items no longer show in the offer/sacrifice window (don't know the right name in English, but this is the window where you sacrifice items to the gods)
When teleporting back to the zone you come from, you get exactly where you were and no longer at the start of the zone
Added explicit multiplayer messages while loading
Added et /mobmultiplier(X) command to increase by X the HP of the mobs (used from chat window)
Reduced rage gain from Battle Cry
Reduced cooldowns for some Egyptian skills
Increased damage for some Egyptian skills
Increased duration for "Armor of ..." type skills
Increased duration and damage for "Weapon of ..." type skills
Increased duration for "Application of ..." (Application is the name in the French skill, can't find the right one in English) type skills for the Greek (now 30s)
Sacred Vision skill: Increased duration and reduced mana cost
Decoy skill (Greek, not sure about the name): Increased life of the decoy
One point in Energy now gives 3 mana point instead of 2
Added resistance to "Frightened" on the bosses, as it was a cause of bugs
Caracteristics of mobs in Human difficulty have been slightly increased
Caracteristics of mobs in Heroe and God difficulties have been largely increased
Fixed various map generation bugs in some dungeons : Internal Court of Seth, Entrance of Seth Palace, Gallery of the Dark and Heart of the volcano (not sure about the English names )
Enhanced RAM management
Enhanced sounds played when a mob spot the character
Fixed a bug which would erase randomly some items (including quest items) during loading
Fixed a bug where you couldn't pick up a quest item when your inventory was full
Fixed a crash when putting items on the floor
Fixed a bug allowing selling items while keeping the item in multiplayer (i.e. free gold)
Level states were not saved when using "Save and Quit" on the Game Center.
Fixed a bug where the Valkirie was no longer spawn in the Pass of Crystal zone
Fixed a bug in the Troy quest preventing some objectives to be completed
Time between character saves has been reduced on the Game Center
Class of the players are now used to generate proper items at the merchants for sale.
Reduced collisions for the summons of the Aztec to reduce movement problems
Fixed a bug where you could access unique items at the forge and dismount them (NB: however you now no longer can reforge them nor attach runes on them)
Now mobs can no longer cast skills in addition of moving when the hero is spawned on the map (only when he does an action). This prevents bosses to attack the hero before the end of the loading.
Fixed healing for Odin's Wolfs, and that sometimes they did nothing
Unused client connections are now closed
Fixed a random unwanted move after heroe death (he would go back to his death point)
You no longer can take several times the same quest item
Portals are now listed in the order you gain them (for the ones you didn't have yet only)
Fixed a bug with the Blaze skill (Brasier in French) which dealt damage only once
Fixed a bug where the caracteristics of the summoned mummy was erroneously the same as the ones for the monster mummy, making the summon too slow and too weak
The two weapons equiped with ambidextry now correctly stay equiped after a loading
Fixed a bug which could crash the game during a loading, particularly with 2 weapons equiped
Fixed crashes during Sphynx and Fafnir fights, particularly when those had a state activated on them
Fixed a bug which could make Fafnir invicible
Fixed crashes with summoned creatures (Aztec's spider and Nordsman's Valkyrie
Fixed a bug where some bosses' skills were activated during loading
Fixed a bug where uncompleted quests would show as completed
Fixed a bug in heroes save on the Game Center
Improved reliability of saves on the Game Center
Reduced time between saves on the Game Center (hum, already said that above in the patch notes )
Fixed the moonwalk bug (due to interpolation issue for the movement of the hero)
Fixed generation of the level of the prisms (Gallery of the Dark)
Fixed a bug on the Exode skill which didn't have a cooldown timer
Removed an obsolete confirmation message with the "New Game" option
It's now possible to use 3 letters names while they were rejected before
Fixed crashes during difficulty change
Fixed a server crash which could happen when a client joins
Fixed Fafnir invicibility (hum, already said again )
You can now equip relics

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