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Dead Head Fred' (PSP) - One Killer Night Sweepstakes

by Rainier on Aug. 8, 2007 @ 10:10 a.m. PDT

D3Publisher of America and Dimension Films are teaming-up to offer 3 lucky fans, and up to 50 of their friends, a chance to win a hometown screening of Rob Zombie's Halloween before release in late August, presented by Dead Head Fred.

A PSP exclusive 3rd person-action game, Dead Head Fred draws players into an original 1940’s inspired alternative universe where the bizarre blends with a slice of old time Americana producing a morally bankrupt town ruled by violent organized crime and populated with mutants spawned from toxic waste. As private detective Fred Neuman, savagely murdered and then resurrected in a bizarre scientific experiment without his memory or his head, players embark on a quest for vengeance as they solve their own murder by using the severed heads of enemies to battle their way through environments designed to showcase each head’s unique abilities. Offering unprecedented graphics with vast, interactive environments, Dead Head Fred immerses players in the action with the most revolutionary camera to date on a handheld device as players collect, upgrade and switch the heads of enemies on the fly to strategically fight malformed mutants, ghoulish gangsters, and maniacal mob bosses in a unique and compelling story of revenge and redemption.

Hollywood veteran John C. McGinley, currently on Scrubs, will voice the main character. In the game, McGinley will bring to life - or at least help reanimate - Fred Neuman, a private detective savagely murdered and then resurrected in a bizarre scientific experiment without his memory or his head. McGinley's acting credits span two decades and include his current work on the NBC sitcom "Scrubs" as the gruff and worldly Dr. Perry Cox. He is also well known for his roles in films including Are We Done Yet? (2007), Wild Hogs (2007), Identity (2003), Office Space (1999), Talk Radio (1988), Wall Street (1987) and Platoon (1986) as well as roles in television and theater.

Key Features :

  • Geared for the single-player experience, Dead Head Fred offers the most compelling and completely original storyline to date with “twisted noir” humor and violence in a portrayal of revenge and redemption in an artistically unique environment unlike anything before on the PSP system.
  • Dead Head Fred revolutionizes the gameplay experience on the PSP system by offering a dynamic camera that immerses players in the action without having to control a manual camera.
  • Each of the 9 collectible heads offer unique gameplay mechanics as players switch heads on the fly to explore new ways to progress through the game.
  • Experience unique combat moves, including head-pound, nut-punch, head-hunting, combos and more as you slaughter enemies in multiple ways by severing heads with your bare hands, shooting them with poison darts, irradiating them into goo, or slicing them into ribbons and more!
  • The action adventure allows players to battle enemies on large and small scales to utilize the attributes of each head and the open-ended gameplay allows for creative problem solving with multiple ways to approach every challenge.
  • Embark on epic missions that increase your powers and attacks by acquiring new heads and collect money to purchase more upgrades or additional jars to store the severed heads of enemies.
  • Dead Head Fred’s HUB system allows players to fly, gas, smash, battle and more through the expansive, danger-ridden town of Hope Falls or in outlying areas such as Creepy Hallow, Pitt’s Power Plant, and Freak Farms in the order they choose and return to find new and hidden enemies.
  • Bonus content offers players extensive replayability through side missions, mini-games and activities such as Consensual Sax, The Gran Ratismo, Dirty Pool, Head 2 Head Pinball, and The Feather Doom.

Dead Head Fred is scheduled to ship to retail stores in North America on August 21, 2007.

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