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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Acivision
Developer: id Software

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'Enemy Territory: Quake Wars' (PS3/X360/PC) - v1.1 Linux Server Available NOW

by Rainier on Sept. 29, 2007 @ 7:00 a.m. PDT

Developed by Splash Damage and built on id Software's new MegaTexture rendering technology, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars pits the armies of Earth against the invading alien Strogg in the ultimate online strategic shooter. Featuring strategic team play, persistent character promotions, day and nighttime combat missions, and the universe's most powerful weapons and vehicles, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars transports players to the front lines of an epic new war for Earth.

Get the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars v1.1 Linux Server off WP (15/480mb)

Here's the changelog:

  • Updated Linux client compatibility
  • Fixed performance drop of soft particles on some graphics cards
  • Removed XP award for destroying newly spawned vehicles (spawn camping)
  • Improved bot control of the GDF Titan Tank
  • Fixed dedicated LAN server administrators reverting to default group on map change
  • Fixed players occasionally not being able to change the mission they are on
  • Server Launcher now clears the map rotation when changing game mode
  • Fixed localized clients reverting to unlocalized if player starts a lite server on the same PC
  • Fixed image pure check (anti-cheating) erroneously failing for MegaTextures

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, rated "T," and carries a suggested retail price of $49.99 for the regular edition and $59.99 for the Limited Collector's Edition, and will be on EU store shelves on Sept. 28, 2007 and North American store shelves beginning Oct. 2, 2007.

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