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Simutronics' HeroEngine Integrates New Technology

by Rainier on Sept. 6, 2007 @ 10:13 a.m. PDT

Simutronics announced that it is integrating new technology into its MMO specific HeroEngine. StreamBase Systems' high-performance Complex Event Processing, and SL Corporation' real-time monitoring, analytics, and visualization solutions.

Licensees of HeroEngine can add the award-winning capabilities of StreamBase for solving a broad range of challenges around querying, analyzing, and correlating real-time data, and leverage SL Corporation's Enterprise RTView, a powerful visualization platform, to create easy-to-understand dashboards to view real-time information in a meaningful and actionable way. With this increased visibility, HeroEngine developers can rapidly improve gameplay, reducing attrition and enhancing the popularity of their games.

Said Simutronics CEO and HeroEngine designer David Whatley, "We are already using StreamBase's CEP platform and SL's Enterprise RTView for load balancing, analyzing game mechanics, and evaluating marketing metrics. We are also building tools to monitor player data to prevent exploits. HeroEngine is designed from the ground up to enable real-time changes and updates to MMO games. These world-class technologies are a perfect fit for HeroEngine."

Commented StreamBase vice president of Industry Solutions and co-founder, John Partridge, "We're very excited to team up with Simutronics and have StreamBase included as a key component of what we think is a 'game-changing' technology stack for building the next-generation of MMO titles. By integrating StreamBase's platform with HeroEngine, game developers can build and iterate applications in a fraction of the time it would normally take. In fact, how fast developers can continually adapt the gaming experience is critical for fueling a game's popularity."

Tom Lubinski, SL Corporation's founder and CEO, adds, "MMO is real-time to the extreme. Without real-time visibility into the performance of these games and the behaviors of the players, developers simply cannot make enhancements fast enough. Simutronics is 'ahead of the game,' arming their developers with the market-leading real-time monitoring, analytics, and visualization platform, Enterprise RTView, to ensure that they can keep up with the fast-paced continual improvement cycle expected in this industry."

Technologies used by the world's leading investment banks, government agencies, and e-Businesses, are now available to MMO game developers using the Simutronics HeroEngine.

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