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Mercury Games Signs Two 'Aquarium' (NDS) Titles - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 7, 2007 @ 4:10 a.m. PDT

Mercury Games has expanded its Zen Games series with two new titles from Japanese publisher Ertain BV. “Aquarium by DS” and “Fantasy Aquarium by DS” both for the Nintendo DS are simulation games that allow the player to keep fish in a tank.

Just like keeping fish in real life, the fish need to be fed and have their tanks cleaned. “Aquarium by DS” allows the player to keep the usual types of fish that one would find in a fish tank including Clown Fish, Angelfish, Neon Tetra and Guppy.

While “Fantasy Aquarium by DS” allows the player to keep fish which could never be kept as pets in a tank such as Blue whales, dolphins, Seals and sharks.

There are five tanks of differing sizes to choose from, which can then be customised with different backgrounds, plants and accessories such as rocks and bridges.

Aquarium by DS

There are more than 30 varieties of fish to choose from in both “Aquarium by DS” and “Fantasy Aquarium by DS” and more can be unlocked though good fish care. The player can also name their pet fish. Fish can also be swapped via WiFi with the player’s friends.

If the player doesn’t switch their DS on for a few days or if the environment is wrong and the fish are not cared for they die and disappear from the tank. And if the wrong combination of fish are added the consequences can be lethal; for example if the player puts a killer whale in the same tank as a penguin, the Killer whale will eat it.

Leo Zullo, President, Mercury Games said: “Aquarium by DS and Fantasy Aquarium by DS will provide players with the relaxation of having pet fish without the hassle. The game can be played by people of all ages.”

Fantasy Aquarium by DS

Feature List

  • Create your own personalised fish tank
  • Two versions available - Aquarium by DS and Fantasy Aquarium by DS
  • Pick from more than 30 fishes to populate your tank
  • Swap your fish with your friends using the DS Wi-Fi feature - allowing your fish to play in your friends aquarium
  • Decorate the backdrops and features of your tank
  • Unlock extra fish and props to use in the game
  • Control all aspects of your aquarium, size, water temp and salinity to create the perfect environment for your fishes
  • Care for your fish, make sure they are fed and that the tank is clean

Aquarium by DS and Fantasy Aquarium by DS are due for release in December 2007. The SRP will be £19.99/ €24.99.

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