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Universal Combat

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Dreamcatcher
Developer: 3000 AD

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'Universal Combat' - Full/Free Game Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 2, 2008 @ 5:57 a.m. PST

Get the Universal Combat Full/Free Game off Worthplaying (450mb)

Taking off from where its predecessor Battlecruiser Millennium left off, Universal Combat takes the series further into the epic realms of sci-fi greatness with a suite of brand new engine features and gameplay enhancements. Complete with a space and planetary graphics engine overhaul, even more advanced AI, all new models database a wealth of multiplayer advancements, BCG is bigger, better and more advanced than ever. A true all encompassing sci-fi game of epic proportions.

Dreamcatcher's five year rights to two of 3000 AD's games, Battlecruiser Millennium Gold (2003) and Universal Combat (2003) expired on 12/18/07, and in keeping with the tradition of releasing its legacy games for free, they have repackaged the single player Universal Combat game and released it into the wild as freeware. Once again, Universal Combat is released with no advertising, no nag screens, no expiration date, nothing. Just the full (and patched) single player game as was commercially released in Feb 2004, but with fewer music tracks (the game FAQ shows how players can add their own MP3 tracks) and no multiplayer.

Universal Combat is a game of incomprehensible scale that allows gamers to choose any aspect of combat they wish. Choices of combat styles and gameplay include:

  • Compelling multi-player games against up to 63 other gamers.
  • Carefully designed campaigns and instant action scenarios.
  • More than 54 different air and spacecraft, from basic multi-role combat fighters and low altitude multi-role gunships to massive carriers, cruisers and transporters.
  • 22 land vehicles and 10 naval vessels including jeeps, tanks, SAMs, carriers, LCACs and even nuclear submarines.
  • 20 first-person weapons and 28 characters with over 1500 animations.
  • 250 planets with enormous planetary detail, spanning more than 21,000 planet side mission zones containing various bases.
  • Nine career modes including heroic pilots, ship's captain and lethal reconnaissance marine.

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