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Xbox Live Marketplace Coming to Your PC

by Rainier on Oct. 11, 2008 @ 1:37 p.m. PDT

The New Xbox Experience will give X360 owners a completely new Xbox 360 experience that is fun, social, simple to use, and puts more entertainment at their fingertips than any other device connected to the TV. As part of the overhaul Microsoft is bringing the Xbox Live Marketplace to your PC. You will be able to browse through the XBL content online, add it to your queue, even purchase it right there, and then as soon as you get back home and turn on your Xbox 360, the content will begin to download.

Once the New Xbox Experience launches you will be able to browse Xbox LIVE Marketplace on your PC (even using text search) – and if you see something you like, you can add it to your queue and even purchase it right there and then. As soon as you get back home to your Xbox 360 and turn it on, the content will begin to download. Think about it – by the time you finish getting out of your shirt and tie, or skirt, or pajamas, or pink fuzzy bunny outfit, you will have a new Xbox LIVE Arcade game to play or a new TV show to watch.

With the launch of the New Xbox Experience on Nov. 19, Xbox 360 owners will enjoy the following:

  • Entertainment without limits. Xbox 360 invites you into a limitless world where the best games, movies and TV shows live side by side with your personal pictures and music library, and ready to share your fun anytime with friends across the globe through Xbox LIVE.
  • Xbox LIVE Party. Xbox 360 allows you to create a virtual party on your TV with up to seven friends. With LIVE Party, voice chat while you play games, share photos in real time and entertain friends all over the world.
  • Personality plus. Create a customizable, animated avatar and literally jump into the world of Xbox LIVE. Your avatar is your game-face throughout the New Xbox Experience and represents your personality -- whether you are a LIVE Party host or chatting with a friend. With custom avatars created by the more than 14 million members worldwide, Xbox LIVE will have as many avatars as Tokyo has residents.
  • On-demand entertainment. Xbox 360 is home to the best TV and movie entertainment, including more than 12,000 exclusive films and TV episodes from Netflix Inc., and a large online library of on-demand high-definition TV shows and movies from partners such as Constantin, Disney, MGM, NBC Universal Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
  • Games for the community, by the community. For the first time in the history of console gaming, thousands of games developed by the creative community will be available to the public. The Community Games channel on Xbox LIVE will include games made by students, hobbyists, and average people all around the world and will be exclusive to Xbox LIVE.

When the New Xbox Experience launches this fall, it will join the best and broadest Xbox 360 entertainment lineup of games ever. Whatever your passion, Xbox 360 has games for you. Only on Xbox 360 can you unleash your inner diva with "Lips," live your favorite movie moments with "You're in the Movies" and "Scene It? Box Office Smash," and find Xbox LIVE Arcade favorites such as "Castle Crashers" alongside indie favorites like the smash hit "Braid."

  • Xbox 360 is the preferred stage for the best music games, including "Lips," "Rock Band 2," "Guitar Hero World Tour" and "DanceDanceRevolution Universe 3."
  • Xbox 360 gets the whole family playing with titles such as "Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts," "Dig Dug Stylish Edition," "PacLand" and "Viva PiƱata: Trouble in Paradise."
  • Xbox 360 remains the best place to play sports titles, including leading franchises such as "Madden NFL," "Tiger Woods PGA TOUR," "NBA LIVE," "NHL 2K" and more.
  • "Final Fantasy XIII" will be available on Xbox 360 at launch in North America and Europe. And Xbox 360 is the only place gamers can play the year's biggest games, such as "Gears of War 2," and "Fable II."

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