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'Run The Gauntlet' Announced

by Rainier on Oct. 22, 2008 @ 5:16 a.m. PDT

Run The Gauntlet provides a skilled-based tournament FPS, powered by Unreal 3 Engine. Set in a world where time has shifted, eras have merged and a new timeline has formed, players need to Run The Gauntlet repeatedly, pitting themselves against other players in exhilarating matches.

"Run The Gauntlet" is a world where time has shifted, eras have merged and a new timeline has formed. Now the events in the past are also ironically the future, as in the year 1870 civilization ceased to exist, leaving only remnants of the once great civilizations scattered throughout the world. Three thousand years later the surviving fragments of humanity's climb and fall are discovered and only two dominate cultures have thrived in this new world.

"Run The Gauntlet" provides a skilled-based tournament game format for adults, built on the proven and Epics' very popular "First Person Shooter" platform, the Unreal 3 Engine. This passionate pastime compels the player to visit "Run The Gauntlet"™ repeatedly, pitting themselves against other "gamers" and enjoying the exhilaration these types of games provide.

Successfully running the "Gauntlet" requires more than a traditional first person shooter set of strategies and blind luck.

Players exchange tokens for entrance into one of the five online Gauntlet skilled base tournament areas. Once in the game, players attempt to gather cash valued tokens through exploration, combat, and longevity while playing against other real people. Players must then weigh their options, choosing when to attempt to stop collecting tokens or risk the chance of losing them if they are terminated by another player while still in the game. Various micro transactions allow players to rent or purchase items to help in game play, such as health, weapons, armor, or other special abilities.

CEO Richard Buckley stated, "There is nothing more exciting than dropping a big token carrier right before the end of a match and running off with their money. Skills-based Token Tournaments represent a paradigm shift in 'First Person Shooters.'"

Far Vista Interactive is preparing to release Run The Gauntlet during the Christmas season of 2008.

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