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Kingdom Under Fire II

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Gameforge
Developer: Blueside
Release Date: Nov. 14, 2019

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'Kingdom Under Fire II' (X360/PC) - 16 New Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Nov. 12, 2008 @ 5:56 p.m. PST

Kingdom Under Fire II combines the MMORPG and Real-Time Strategy (RTS) genres into a hybrid title unrivaled in its epic scale.

Get the Kingdom Under Fire II [X360/PC] Trailer off WP (70mb)

Kingdom Under Fire II will not only inherit all the merits of the previous Action RTS series that numerous fans have raved about but also feature much enhanced game system that will allow gamers to experience vastly immense tactical game play and intense action in unprecedented scale of battlefield. Moreover, it will support a single offline mode and an online mode where thousands of gamers can join in a server to pit their skills against each other. With next-gen quality of graphic and rich game play, it will truly be an unheralded gift in a pleasant way to both gamers and gaming industry.

Whereas Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom was an Action RPG deviated from the main Action RTS stream of Kingdom Under Fire Series, this sequel version will be a true inheritor of the world acclaimed Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders in the truest sense with promises to deliver a unique game play and story line where the plot is filled with drama between game characters, who will all contribute to raise suspense and intensity of combat. Unlike the previous RTS series where the Human Alliance and the Dark Legion faced each other in endless battles, there will be a new third faction vying for control of the world, which will definitely pique the curiosity of fans worldwide.

Simply exceeding the limit and everyone’s expectation, this fresh video out of Blueside oven will assure the game experience and visual of Kingdom Under Fire II be in no match of competition with its massive scale and true to life graphic depicting a fantasy medieval war in detail. Thousands of ground and air soldiers colliding together in one screen and a hero standing alone against a tide of fearsome enemies, these are the only few segments of game play featured in the video but still plenty enough to feel a shiver as imagining what are to come in a completed version.

With Blueside’s ambitious mission to change the course of today’s online gaming and perfect the final form of Action Real-time Strategy in both aspects of game system and graphic, Kingdom Under Fire II will be a pioneer game to open the door for next generation gaming with its unique genre, “Multiplayer Online Action Real-Time Strategy”. While a true star hiding behind the scene making all these possible is the powerful game engine solely built by Blueside, so called FAME tech 2. With its superb performance on expressing massive scale battle more realistically and more varieties in character movement, surely there will be more surprises to come along by its high-end technologies.


  • A true Action RTS inheritor of the world acclaimed Kingdom Under Fire series, which continues a saga of Bersian heroes on Kingdom Under Fire universe.
  • Massively Multiplayer Online game where thousands of gamers can co-play and write their own epic poetry of war.
  • Much empowered real-time strategy game system with highly intense action and intuitive control while succeeding all the great merits of previous versions.
  • Unprecedentedly massive scale of castle siege mode to deliver realistic mediaeval battle onto your nose.
  • Deeper and richer campaign mode than that of "Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders"
  • Competition and War among 3 factions over the domination of Bersia continent; Human Alliance, Dark Legion and a new mystery force.

Kingdom Under Fire II is aiming for 2009 release and will be available worldwide on both PC and console platforms.

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