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'Final Fantasy XI' (ALL) Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign Returns ... Again

by Rainier on Dec. 18, 2008 @ 1:14 p.m. PST

Just in time for the holidays, Square Enix announced that its Final Fantasy XI "Return Home to Vana'diel" campaign is back once again. Customers who have deleted Content IDs or deleted PlayOnline accounts, are now able to rejoin their fellow adventurers in the world of Vana'diel by utilizing this service.

The restoration of the “Return Home to Vana’diel” service brings a new element not previously offered to fans. Players can now restore any deleted character they have created, rather than only being able to restore the last deleted character. Additionally, users who created their restored characters before 8:00AM PST on May 28th, 2008, can receive the highly coveted Anniversary Ring. The Anniversary Ring is a powerful asset in Final Fantasy XI, as it gives players the chance to receive experience point bonuses and level jobs with ease.

To learn more about the “Return Home to Vana’diel” campaign and how to get back into the adventure, please visit the official Final Fantasy XI website. The “Return Home to Vana’diel” campaign will be available to users between December 18th 2008 and April 15th, 2009.

Uniting players in North America, Europe and Japan, Final Fantasy XI is the first MMORPG capable of simultaneous communication across multiple platforms: Xbox 360, PS2 and PC. Now in its 6th year of service,

Final Fantasy XI has a community of approximately 500,000 subscribers and 1.7 million player characters from around the world.

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