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Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Developer: Black Wing Foundation

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'Salvation' (X360/PC) Developer Interview

by Rainier on March 21, 2008 @ 2:18 a.m. PDT

Salvation is a third-person shooter game set in the near-future where the world government has staged Judgment Day, replicated Christ and Antichrist in order to kill them off and assume ultimate power. Any dissidents are killed or sent to a cybernetic virtual Hell, causing a human to suffer unbearably.

Q: Valve's Source engine seems to be rather old hat for now to develop a project that is going to be released Q2 2009.

A: That statement has some grounding to it, but. The game engine choice depends on specific game features planned, solutions you apply to get that final picture and atmosphere (whatever they are – end effect is key) and the project structure itself. Taking all the factors into account, our choice fell on Source, and we evaluated a few technologies. Still though, for example, we signed an exchange program with Emergent (Gamebryo 2.3.) for one of the Salvation spin-offs planned, as Source wouldn't fit for that game. I think you get our point here.

Q: It looks like a HL2 mod!

A: It's really the early in-game screenshots. If you want us to cheat you by showing fake screens, we can do it, just tell us =). Though we prefer to show the progress on every stage of the game development and have a doze of your influence to the process. You can the new screens in yesterday's update. They are partially a result of your comments, btw.

Q: The story seems interesting but it's kind of fuzzy and description on the site born more questions than give answers.

A: Guys, we have more than a year to go with the game, so be sure we'll shed some more light on the story. For obvious reasons, cannot spoil you the whole script:).

Q: They have replicated Christ?! You'll burn in a hell for that game - infidels!

A: It's not as easy as it seems at the first glance; - game story is much more complicated. C'mon, think wider than that:) We are not a bunch of like Satan-worshipers or something, it's all a devotion to science fiction (a little bit daring maybe) and last thing we would like to do is to hurt somebody's feelings.

Q: Ergh… how about web-site in Russian?

A: Check the site at Monday! We also promise proofread English texts)

Imagine the future, where some kind of the secret society has orchestrated false Judgment Day in 2027, due which Christ and Antichrist kills each other and New Government proclaimed itself only true heir of the God will on the earth. Dark anti-utopia, where there is no jails, but every one who dares to oppose is connected to system of Hell, producing tremendous pain and suffering directly from the brain of the person, where there is no education for common people, and everyone who seems to be more clever than is necessary is connected to system of Heaven, where they can eternally joy their illusions – and at the same time, in real life, both prisoners could slowly die at the dump, one with the screams and other with the smile on his face. Controlled by the strict code of the rules, humanity experience forced extinction and only those who seems to be a good slave have a right to work and inhabit dirty and dumped lower cities, and those who are “good genetic material” have right to take their place as – police, soldiers, scientists or administration and take their place in the sky cities, or be genetically transformed to loyal servants of the Government, so called angels, who are rather perfect machines of a law enforcement and extermination of opposition.

And imagine that in this future, there are some people who still fight for their freedom, loosing this war every day, changing their bodies with implants, finding no support with the civilians, understanding that in their condition of abandoned generation they surely shall not find a place in the New World they are trying to win. They fight for a dream that maybe shall give a shallow chance for people to understand again the meaning of the words Hope and Freedom and leave.

That shadow war continues for last 20 years and one day, Rebellion helps to evacuate one of the female scientists, Narumi Amano, from the Sky Tokyo, who has to use on herself to survive, due her escape experimental substance “Omega” claimed to be a cure, but turned to be developed by the Government strong mutagen, that turns her to Ultimate Weapon. That joins Rebellion and eager to take her revenge and disclose the mystery of the Government, false events of 2027, Hell and Heaven systems and maybe, just maybe, find her way back to humanity… through her own battlefield, love, treachery and loyalty.

Salvation, using Valve’s Source Engine, is developed by Black Wing Foundation in cooperation with N-Game Studios for the Xbox 360 and PC, currently scheduled for Q2 2009

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