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Myst DS

Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Developer: Cyan Worlds
Release Date: May 28, 2008 Updated Version: March 31, 2010 (US), Dec. 7, 2007 (EU)

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'Myst' (NDS) Goes Gold - Screens

by Rainier on March 31, 2008 @ 9:15 a.m. PDT

Myst is an immersive experience that draws you in and won't let you go. You enter a unique setting, venturing alone to varied times and places, the worlds that compose Myst. There are no instructions, and you encounter no living beings but soon realize your actions may help individuals who are somehow trapped in a parallel dimension.

Unlike most adventure games, Myst offers no inventory, no death, and no dialogue. Although puzzles don't seem to have much direct connection to the game, they share a commonality. They take on many forms but follow a consistent thread. Some puzzles are very challenging, even obtuse, creating an odd paradox: many buy Myst, but few complete it. It is immensely popular, but most nonadventurers quit in frustration. Fortunately, Myst's popularity has spawned several online sites for hints, walk-throughs, and even saved games .

The new interface for MYST enhances the gameplay in all-new ways. The upper screen of the system provides information and allows players to view magnified images, while the bottom screen is used to access mini-tools and navigate throughout the realistic worlds of MYST. Additionally, to aid in their expedition to uncover clues and solve the mysteries of MYST, players have a new arsenal of mini-tools at their disposal, including a magnifying glass, camera, notebook, and map. Now, players can closely inspect and interact with clues and items, take snapshots for future use, keep notes in a diary, and pinpoint key locations within the game.

Under obscure circumstances, a mysterious person known as the Stranger (the player) finds a bizarre book titled MYST. Upon opening the book, the Stranger discovers the first page is occupied by a single moving image - the Linking Panel - showing a glimpse of an island. By touching the Linking Panel, the player is transported to the island to explore the breathtaking environments.

MYST is an engaging experience that draws adventure-seekers into beautiful yet eerie worlds with unique settings in varied times and places. While venturing through the six worlds of MYST, players help individuals trapped in parallel dimensions - without ever actually encountering living beings - by solving a multitude of puzzles, mazes and problems. Close observation and precise logic will help players unlock the secrets of MYST. The non-linear gameplay of MYST is designed unlike any other adventure game, with no instructions, inventory, death or dialogue. MYST is about the experience encountered throughout the breathtaking worlds and environments.

"Nintendo DS has provided us an amazing, yet challenging opportunity to bring the MYST franchise to a huge and diverse audience - more than 65 million units have sold since the system's launch in 2004," said Karim Farghaly, vice president of sales, Empire Interactive. "MYST has been around over a decade, and it is an absolute pleasure to reintroduce the game to long-time fans and first-time adventure seekers."

"MYST is one of the greatest interactive casual games ever created and we are proud to work closely with the creators of the original to bring this experience to all Nintendo DS players of all ages." said Manny Granillo, president and chief designer, Hoplite Research, LLC.

There are no instructions and the player begins a voyage of exploration without encountering a single living soul. Alone on a mysterious island, you set out to explore its grandeur and mystery. Here a chilling tale of intrigue and injustice, defying all boundaries of space and time, is being told. Quickly, though, it becomes clear every action can somehow help unfortunate individuals trapped somewhere in a parallel dimension. The Myst adventure is like no other, tantalizing with its unique combination of lavish environments, puzzles, mazes, and a sizzling underlying drama which steadily unfolds to reward the player further still. More details about the game and release information will be made available shortly.


  • All source code has been re-written specifically for NDS performance and gameplay.
  • An all-new age - The Rime Age, is a new Arctic world for DS players to explore as they endeavor to uncover clues and solve the mysteries of MYST.
  • NEW sounds, music, effects, and video clips added throughout. All newly created graphic sets for the added RIME AGE specifically done for the DS.
  • Newly re-mastered Video and audio
  • Save Multiple games for various players.
  • New set of mini-tools designed to assist the player in solving the many puzzles and brain buster games needed to complete the adventure
    • Magnifying glass – With this tool, players can closely inspect clues and items as well as interact with them.
    • Camera – The camera allows players can take a snapshot to use for future reference.
    • Notebook – Players can keep notes in their diary as they travel through MYST.
    • Map - The map can aid in exploration by pinpointing key locations.
  • The game uses the stylus as the key method of interaction and takes advantage of the dual screens to enhance game play. The upper screen provides information and allows players to view magnified images while the bottom screen is used to access mini-tools and navigate throughout MYST.

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