SimCity Societies

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: EA
Developer: Tilted Mill

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'SimCity Societies' - v1.03.140 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 9, 2008 @ 1:19 p.m. PDT

Featuring an all-new, revolutionary feature set, SimCity Societies allows players to construct not only the cities they desire, but create their cultures, societal behaviors and environments as well. Build an artistic city, haunted town, green city, spiritual community or most any society you want! Using the accessible, innovative and versatile city-builder, players can create their own kind of city in SimCity Societies.

Get the SimCity Societies v1.03.140 Patch off WP (115mb)

v1.03.140 Patch:

New features:

In all modes of play:

  • Added The Burgazoid 6000 disaster. he product of an experiment in efficient cheeseburger service gone awry, the Burgazoid 6000 shoots laser beams. His footfalls cause mini-earthquakes
  • Added The Ornithosaurus Wrecks disaster. A gigantic horned bird-like monster who hurls fire from his beak; his footfalls cause mini-earthquakes.
  • Six new events: epidemic, investment bubble, riot, strike, scientific breakthrough, pilgrimage,
  • Two new crises: religious holiday, counter-cultural revolution.
  • New building abilities for Eyesore, Minor Eyesore, Contagious, Inspiration
  • Mod management tool, accessible from the main menu. Enables you to enable/disable or delete mods. Provides link to the mod exchange online.

New Buildings:

  • Additional variants of 15 home types.
  • Two new venues – Supermarket and Carousel
  • Two new workplaces—Warehouse, Low-rise Office Building

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fix for Having a very large city with a very high worker population while the Happiness Icon indicator is turned on causes the game to crash
  • Fix for - GREEK - The HotKeys "V" and "Shift+V" are not functional
  • Fix for crash that could occur on exit with a fire in the city
  • Fix for: Hitting return to the main menu skipping prompts for save/load when it comes after an achievement
  • Fix for goto nearest firestation button not working with district fire stations
  • Fix for camera not focusing on UFO attack after focusing on Fire (However, it is still possible for the camera to be below the UFO if the UFO is very high when the “!” button is clicked.)
  • Fix for Creepy smoke and ghost effects don't activate when entering haunted profiles
  • Fix for building costs not updating in gallery when cost modifier is in effect
  • Fix for crash for unaligned particle memory with new ATI Catalyst 8.3 drivers
  • Fix for Building Ghosts not displaying Custom Textures as they are being placed
  • Fix for Culture Car Sets not being expandable
  • Fix for ambients being unable to be overwritten by mods
  • Fix for custom bump maps not showing up in game
  • Fix for: high-resolutions textures are not swapping out even when camera is too high to benefit from their detail. Reduces memory usage.
  • Fix for: error in shadow and batch rendering that may have been causing some DirectX errors / slowdowns
  • Changes in materials handling and in UI texture pinning reduce memory usage

v1.02.119 Patch :

New features:

In Strategic modes of play:

  • When you meet the criteria for an Achievement reward in any of the strategic modes of play, you are offered the opportunity to accept that award. Doing so will restrict you from winning any other achievement in that city (including the Jack of All Trades – if you’re looking to unlock the next difficulty level, save your one achievement for that).
  • Sims may get sick even when they haven’t visited a building that causes illness.
  • Workers who were late to work finish out their full workday, even if they have to stay late.
  • Increased event frequencies in all strategic modes.

In all modes of play:

  • Many building actions can now be set to automatically fire as soon as they are available. Building actions with this capability are marked with a yellow border; right-click them and they will activate whenever possible.
  • Additional messaging and tools to help you find and fight fires. Click the red button to center on a fire. Click the blue button to center on the nearest fire station.
  • A message has been added to notify you when you might wish to change settings to improve performance.
  • A new road placement method has been added that simplifies road drawing. Use it by building a “Rigid” road. The existing road placement method is still available as an “Adaptive” road.
  • A UFO Attack disaster has been added. (UFOs show up in your city and destroy buildings. Your citizens flee in terror.)
  • A filter for finding buildings by their role in the game (law enforcement, for instance) has been added. You can also create your own set in XML and add it to the filter.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Cities with large worker populations use an internal model to abstract a portion of the Sim population. This improves large cities performance and can be adjusted to your taste and machine.
  • Memory footprint reduced.
  • Fix for a problem with terrain level-of-detail on low settings that could lead to a crash.
  • Fix for an overwrite in memory pool allocation which could lead to a crash.
  • Fix for a situation where alerts wouldn't disappear correctly if you clicked at just the right time.
  • Ice cream trucks will now work properly when the building spawning them is set back from the road 1-3 tiles.
  • Sims saved in a waiting state will now correctly still be waiting when the game is loaded.
  • Pathing through Wind Farms and Major Wind Farms is now allowed.
  • Items added by mods were sometimes not getting their names until the second run after they're installed. That’s been fixed.
  • Music xml files are correctly additive to make adding new music to the game easier.

Also includes Game Updates #1 and #2

No need to install previous Game Updates; the improvements and content from Game Updates #1 and #2 are included in Game Update #3. Game Update #3 can be applied to the base game, or the game with either or both of the previous updates already applied.

Build an artistic city, haunted town, green city, spiritual community or most any society you want! Using the accessible, innovative and versatile city-builder, players can create their own kind of city in SimCity Societies.

Players start by choosing from a variety of more than 350 building types, each of which allows them to combine, connect and re-arrange structures freely. Players can challenge authority and experiment with what happens when citizens flagrantly disobey power in an unruly Orwellian society. Or if players are feeling happy, they can build a Fun City filled with Ferris Wheels, Gingerbread Houses and Chocolate Factories! Inspiration can come from a wide range of architectural periods ranging from the realistic to the fanciful; from the industrial age to futuristic designs, with each structure reflecting its name and nature, many offering a click-on action for fans to play upon! As each city evolves, players will be able to unlock new buildings that can help advance - or regress - their society.

SimCity Societies introduces an all-new, revolutionary feature set for players to combine buildings that will produce or consume new kinds of resources called "social energies." How you mix and match these resources - industry, wealth, obedience, knowledge, devotion, or creativity--determines the social energy of your city. Will your city be happy and creative, spiritual and knowledgeable, will it be wealthy and powerful or obedient and fearful? Its fate is in your hands!

Not only will players be able to build from any or all energies, but the cities will look and behave differently depending on the energy combinations the player makes. From futuristic metropolises and fantastical haunted cities to obedient Orwellian states and devout contemplative towns - what to combine and connect is up to the creator.

SimCity Societies is being published by Electronic Arts and developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment.

It is scheduled to be available in retails stores across North America and Europe in November 2007.

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