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Democracy 2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Positech Games
Developer: Positech Games

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'Democracy 2' - v1.17 Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on May 19, 2008 @ 9:19 a.m. PDT

Democracy 2, which, like its predecessor, puts you in the position of the leader of a new government, tasked with running the country, and keeping the electorate happy in the run up to each election. Unlike the original game, Democracy 2 will not model real world countries, but give the player a 'virtual country' sandbox to tweak and adjust as they see fit.

Get the Democracy 2 v1.17 Demo off WP (30mb)

Added in support for modding entirely new voter types using text files!
Added in converted D1 USA mission

Added new optional system for decreasing political capital 'honeymoon' period so as to make the game easier at the start and harder as you stay in office.
Fixed a rare crash bug where there are modded bitmaps and the player has a long windows username (and thus mydocuments path).
Fixed crash bug relating to laoding save games and viewing voters, and where multiple games started after each other screwed up the names voters had.

Fixed some code that caused graphics corruption on some intel video cards

Fixed crash bug regarding loading a saved game that used non standard voter names, and then accessing voter group details. Sadly this also renders older saves unloadable.

Reverted jpg back to a bmp for intel cards

Change title.bmp to a jpg and changed compression on some files to reduce filesize.
Fixed bug where the timeline progress bar didnt work on a loaded game with a long term length, and other problems relating to that. Sadly this b0rks savegames.

Fixed some formatting and input issues with the mod tools (ctrl+shift S and D and E).
Adjusted the effectiveness of free eye tests and free school meals to reduce effects on poverty and the poor.
Recycling now improves air quality slightly.
Reduced effects of pensions and free bus passes on happiness of retired people.
Added support for modded (new) simulation values, and changed formatting of csv file so they can have inputs defined as well.
Added Internet Crime Situation.
Adjusted community policing so it represents a lesser, and slower-acting policy.
Raising speed limits now slightly increases carbon emmissions.
Clarified some order page text and only allow player to enter numbers and dashes, not letters.
Minor graphical tweak to policy selection list.

Made small business grants gradually reduce number of socialists
Support added for scrolling for modded-in achievements
Fixed bug where fireworks did not show any more on the achievement screen.
Tweaked various policies to effect the number of capitalists and socialists.
Better effects for speed camera policy and carbon tax
New effects to prevent contradictory situation showing up

Fixed bug relating to assasinations with no text
Fixed bug where escape key let you keep playing after election defeat when hit on the detailed results screen

Better performance on some lower-end cards.
Fixed bug where events and dilemmas with pre-requisites were never triggered.
Added new /mods/bitmaps directory to keep mods more organised.
Fixed bug where situations did not save and load their history.
Added support for loading sliders and situations from the mods directory too.
Fixed bug where the fireworks would sometimes cause the election screen to freeze.
Added some very basic mod tools
Ctrl + SHIFT + E shows events, or S shows situations and D shows dilemmas. click one to see a breakdown.
Fixed a bug which sometimes generated an assasination warning with empty text.
Fixed demo bug where after playing through the demo you could not go through it again without restarting.

New firework effects
Fixed bug where policies income that was tied to certain group sizes did not calculate correctly.
Fixed bug where some people could be liberals and conservatives or socialists and capitalists at the same time.
Fixed mod loading code so that events in the mod directory are loaded in correctly.

Fixed bug that meant ministers were more miserable than they should have been.
Fixed unlimited power mode for new policies.
Fixed bug where loading save games seemed to half-randomise ministerial sympathies.
Fixed crash bug (unscripted function) in approval of alcohol advert ban.
Changed bus subsidies so they affect usage of cars but not air quality directly.
Reduced font size for ministers name on policy screens.
Fixed bug where security isn't assessed correctly just after a load.
Proper loading of pressure group membership now.
Fixed crash bug with certain video cards.


Fixed bug where election was seen as imminent on reports just after an election was won.
Changed election text to not say 'years' in case 1 year term was selected.
Changed the description of violent crime.
Fixed bug where save and resume buttons dissapeared if you had started by loading in a saved game.
Fixed crash bug when banning tobacco adverts.
Changed load game screen to use last modified time rather than creation time.
Fixed bug where some simulation values could go below 0 when they were suppsoed to have a 0 minimum.
Fixed bug where the values of some taxes could be scaled wrong the first turn after loading a game.
Added new option to browse potential ministers withou firing someone first.
Fixed bug where slider values could be wrong with sliders that have discrete notches in them. (also loading in invalid values)
Added support for new names files, and added russian and spanish names to existing missions

Fixed bug where you can click the wrong buttons during tutorial.
Fixed missing images for demo dialog.
Fixed bug where mouse clicks failed after you lost an election.
Fixed bug on loading save games (manifesto option not found).
Added variable political capital for each action.
Player can now set initial slider value for new policies as they choose without penalty.
Fixed nonsense results on post-election window where a voter group was reduced to zero members.
Fixed bug where mouseover effect failed on dilemma option buttons.

Democracy 2 will retain the emphasis on complexity, depth and gameplay of the original, with a more sophisticated AI model under the hood, but a similar visual approach to managing all the myriad laws, policies and decisions of your government.

Unlike the original game, Democracy 2 will not model real world countries, but give the player a 'virtual country' sandbox to tweak and adjust as they see fit.

Democracy 2 is currently available for purchase online.

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