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Warhammer: Battle March

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: Deep Silver / Namco Bandai

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'Warhammer: Battle March' (X360/PC) Goblins Units - Screens

by Rainier on May 23, 2008 @ 9:39 a.m. PDT

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March builds upon the game’s tactical foundation to offer new units for each army as well as an original campaign and new online modes. Players will be able to experience the mysterious sorcery of the Dark Elves and the savage brutality of the Orcs and Goblins in an all-new chapter of the game’s single player campaign as they battle to overcome an invasion by the armies of Chaos.

On the Xbox 360, Warhammer: Battle March includes the original content from Warhammer: Mark of Chaos as well as all-new features, intuitive control schemes and support for online play via the Xbox LIVE.

Thrusting players into Games Workshop's renowned fantasy world, players will be able to control six unique armies – the Empire, Chaos, Skaven, High Elves as well as the all-new Dark Elf and Orcs & Goblins forces – as they battle for supremacy in a world torn apart by constant warfare. The individual units of each army can be customized in great detail, allowing players to put their own mark on their fighting force and strike fear into their opponents with terrifying combinations of weaponry and armor.

Players can also control Heroes and Champions for each army, high-powered units that gain new abilities as they tear through the opposition. Placing the focus of gameplay on combat and tactics rather than tedious resource management, Warhammer: Battle March on the Xbox 360 features two control schemes for both master battlefield tacticians and novice warriors that offer full control over all aspects of the player's army. On Xbox LIVE, up to four players can engage in massive multi-army clashes in head-to-head and team-based modes of play.

Players will be able to experience the mysterious sorcery of the Dark Elves and the savage brutality of the Orcs and Goblins in an all-new chapter of the game's single player campaign as they battle to overcome an invasion by the armies of Chaos.

World Domination is a multiplayer mode, played on a world map featuring the different races from the Warhammer universe. This game mode is only available via the Internet.

Your mission goal is to fight, and conquer certain territories on a predefined world map. This mode features the armies of the Empire, High Elves, Hordes of Chaos, Skaven, Orcs & Goblins, and Dark Elves.

The World Map shows how the territories are divided between the different participating races, and the current status of the groups in the course of the game. World Domination can only be achieved by conquering territories. At the beginning of a World Domination game, the territories are evenly distributed between the six peoples. Each territory represents a multiplayer map.

Various types of maps are available in World Domination mode: siege and reinforcement battles, and custom battles with special winning requirements. 4 (2-on-2) or 6 (3-on-3) players are needed for each map.

The territories have different colors, allowing players to see at a glance which race dominates a territory. The game keeps track of the results of all participating races, and their victories for each territory. Following each battle, it calculates whether any of the races achieved the required number of victories for a territory.

Thus, in World Domination mode, the battle for these territories keeps raging back and forth.

Acquiring different territories grants the players certain bonuses. For example, a Gold Mine will provide the occupying race with more gold than usual. This race's reinforcement camps will continuously produce +5 Gold (as compared to their regular rate). Additional gold mines will further increase the production. Territories with the Spell Mastery bonus reduce the cool-down times for all spells and skills by 10%. The Combat Morale bonus increases their regular morale regeneration by 10%. The Flight Recovery bonus grants fleeing units a 30% increase over their regular morale regeneration. And Heroic Speed grants the troops a 15% increase of their movement speed.

Features :

  • Warhammer: Battle March focuses on commanding armies and battlefield skirmishes, while de-emphasizing tedious base and resource management
  • Take the battle online in multiple online modes including an all-new Online World Domination Mode
  • Easy to use game editor allows for complete customization of your armies’ unit colors, banners and battlefield maps.
  • Heroes and Champions learn new tactics, unlock special abilities, command larger units, and engage in duels to the death.
  • Play through the conquests of three epic factions of a brutal Chaos invasion, the Empire, the Chaos and the all-new Orcs and Goblins

Warhammer: Battle March for the Xbox 360 (includes the orignal game) and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March for the PC are scheduled for release in 2008.

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