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Ironclads: American Civil War

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Totem Games

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'Ironclads: American Civil War' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on June 2, 2008 @ 8:10 a.m. PDT

Ironclads: American Civil War is a naval simulator mixing historical wargame elements with turned based tactics.

Within the limits of each round in consecutive sequence the player and the computer opponent can realize all actions possible within five minutes of real time for each of the ships. During the moment of actions of the chosen active ship all other game units are motionless. Time for decision-making is not limited.

Game locations of real scales are not divided into cells or hexagons. The trajectory of movement of the active ship is determined by laws of physics dirived from speed, size and the shape. Immersion in the game world is carried out by means of two basic key features: historical accuracy of game process and realism.

Historical Accuracy :

  • game locations are created on historical maps both other kept documents and descriptions;
  • 3D models of the ships base on the drawings original archival or restored by experts, photos, figures and descriptions of the ships participated in war;
  • reconstruction of tactics of construction, movement of the ships and conducting fight on the basis of naval doctrines and real battles of steam armoured squadrons and the ships of the middle of 19 centuries.


  • use of real specifications: the sizes, contours of the hull, displacement, materials and design, quality and an arrangement of the reservation, speed, acceleration;
  • calculations of physical interaction of collision of the ships, floodings and a roll, a shell and the reservation, fire and water at a fire;
  • use of the special ballistic calculator on the basis of the given original artillery tables for definition of accuracy, ability to punch the reservation, damage from explosion of a kernel or a shell;
  • the morals, training, physical conditions of people, influence on effective actions of the ships;
  • absence of requirements is obligatory to carry out tasks for transition to following mission, and also influence of passage of single missions on a result of game create illusion of the true war in which the player can lose or draw.

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