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GamersGate Expands Download Portfolio With Vivendi Titles

by Rainier on June 30, 2008 @ 9:20 a.m. PDT

Digital download portal GamersGate announced a partnership with Vivendi Games for the digital distribution of several PC titles including Sierra Entertainment's Caesar IV, Empire Earth II Gold, Empire Earth III and World in Conflict.

"Sierra Entertainment is an influential player in the interactive entertainment industry and we are thrilled they have chosen to partner with GamersGate to broaden the distribution of their innovative and award-winning titles," said Theodore Bergqvist, CEO of GamersGate."As our portal continues to redefine the digital download business, Sierra Entertainment will help to boast our digital video game offering and to provide more exciting and diverse titles to customers."

The first title released via direct digital download through GamersGate was World in Conflict from Sierra Entertainment.

"We are excited to partner with GamersGate to offer digital distribution of some of the company's most exciting PC titles," said Hal Paris, director of digital distribution. "We look forward to working with GamersGate to offer titles on demand to customers around the world via digital download and we are sure they will enjoy having instant access to the latest titles."

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