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Disciples III: Renaissance

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Developer: .dat
Release Date: July 13, 2010 (US), summer 2010 (EU)

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'Disciples III: Renaissance' Legions of the Damned Modeus Unit - Screens

by Rainier on July 2, 2008 @ 1:21 p.m. PDT

Disciples III: Renaissance is a standalone turn-based RPG/strategy game set in an expansive fantasy world, offering players action, adventure and glory. Stunning 3D environments, three playable races, and multiplayer functionality all combine to offer an outstanding gameplay experience.

Disciples III: Renaissance is the next title in the award winning Disciples series and represents a leap forward in the evolution of the turn-based RPG/strategy genre. Building on the successes of the first two games, DIII introduces a host of new features as well as the compelling gameplay that made the previous titles such hits.

As a Lord of one of the fantastical races of Nevendaar you must fight to restore your deity's rule over your world. There are three playable races to choose from; the Empire, the Elven Alliance and the notorious Legion of the Damned.

For the first time in the series the gloriously ominous and notoriously gloomy world of Disciples is rendered in full 3D, allowing the player to experience this realm as it should be. Disciples uses its own Virtual Dream engine to render the stunning 3D environments.

Legions of the Damned Modeus

The path of the man who decided to entrust himself to the hands of the fallen is long and arduous. Those who serve Bethrezen are experiencing multitudes of pain and torment. Their veins are filled with rage and hatred, giving them the power to go berserk on the battlefield. The spirit of fire is the origin of their lifeblood, allowing these creatures to grow great resistance to fire as they gain power over time.

As the possessed grow in power and hatred, the demonic spirit overtakes their soul, granting them great force and shielding them from pain. Only the chosen ones will be given true power so they will be able to become a high ranking modeuses, the strongest of all demonic wizards.

Modeus is the highest level that can be reached by a magician that is a servant of Bethrezen. The more powerful the magician, the closer he is to his cursed master. The face of the modeus is always hidden under a mask. His soul was burned by fire from an abyss that consumed all of his old feelings and memories. The flame of the modeus, the source of which is a fiery Hell itself, brings death to its enemies. A death that is impossible to escape or hide from.

To summon a modeus, admirers of Bethrezen build shrines and conduct heinous rituals coating the altars with the blood of the sacrificed. If the ritual is conducted properly, and enough miserable victims have died, the portal on the ground of the sanctuary opens. Through this portal, a monster comes to the land of Nevandaar from the Abyss: a beak-faced modeus.

Modeus ingests all negative emotions including anger, envy, fear and hatred. He uses the souls of the unfortunate victims as delicacies, burning them in the fire essence that is replacing the soul of modeus itself. Those few who were lucky enough to survive after a terrible fire storm sent by modeus, testify that the earth can not stand the damned offspring, and he is slowly levitating above the surface, spreading waves of horror around.

Key features:

  • Three playable races - The Empire, the Legions of the Damned and the Elven Alliance. Each race has its own unique units and city design.
  • Cities, locations, units and other game assets are now represented in full 3D.
  • Advances in the gameplay allow increased fluidity in multiplayer games and less downtime when playing alone.
  • A new upgrade system allows the player to assign attributes to your leaders. This RPG system employs inventories and new stats and abilities.
  • Visual representation of character's equipped armor, weapons and artifacts.

Release date: Q1 2009

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