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Armageddon Empires

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Cryptic Comet
Developer: Cryptic Comet

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'Armageddon Empires' - v1.08 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 22, 2008 @ 9:31 a.m. PDT

Armageddon Empires takes the best elements of collectable card games (don’t worry there are no cards to chase you get them all), board games, and computer games and brings them all together to provide a unique strategy war game experience. Choose a normal size map and battle in a death match with a single AI opponent finishing within an hour or select a huge map and slug it out with the other 3 factions in a game of epic proportions.

Get the Armageddon Empires v1.08 Patch off WP (5mb)

Armageddon Empires takes the best elements of collectable card games (don’t worry there are no cards to chase you get them all), board games, and computer games and brings them all together to provide a unique strategy war game experience. Choose a normal size map and battle in a death match with a single AI opponent finishing within an hour or select a huge map and slug it out with the other 3 factions in a game of epic proportions.

Update Notes v1.08:

This update should be applied to earlier versions 1.1a, 1.1b, 1.1c, 1.02, 1.03, 1.03a, 1.03b, 1.04,1.04a, 1.05, 1.05a, 1.05b, 1.06, 1.06a., 1.07 and 1.07a All previous save games are compatible.

Instructions: Double left click on the self extracting ZIP file to unload the files to your Armageddon Empires folder where the game was installed. The default installation location is C:Program FilesCryptic CometArmageddonEmpires. The default location for the update unzip program corresponds to the default installation program. Two files should be overwritten AIScripts.cxt and MainInterface.cxt.

Windows Vista users may have to perform this operation by first unziping the files to a location like their desktop and then copying the files manually.

Tip of the Spear Mini Expansion Pack

New Infantry-type Rules:
Note that Infantry Type refers to the following types of cards: Infantry, Robots, Mutants and Xenogytes. Elite Machine Infantry (Scourge, Revenant, and Lich Platoons) even though they are Robot subtypes DO NOT qualify for these bonuses because they are considered Powered Battle Armor (PBA) equivalent.

1. Fire and Maneuver:
Infantry Type unit cards in the front row that initiate an attack against a Large type unit card (Large type is an Armor, Mecha, Automat, Automecha, Dragon, Giant, Biomecha, Xenomorph, Support or Artillery) in the opponent’s front row automatically apply a disable effect equal to the Terrain Movement Cost of the hex that they are fighting in minus 1. The disable effect lasts for a single turn.

For Example: An Imperial infantry card attacks a Machine Leviathan Automat card in a city hex and misses the attack roll. Despite missing the attack roll a -2 modifier is applied to the Leviathon’s Defense die for the remainder of the turn.

2. Combined Arms Bonus:
If an Armor, Mecha, Automat, Automech, Dragon, Giant, Biomecha or Xenomorph unit card makes an attack from the front row against a target card in the opponent’s front row and succeeds in the Attack Challenge then a damage bonus is applied if there are Infantry Type unit cards in the front row with the attacking card. For each Infantry Type unit in the front row a +1 damage modifier is applied.

New Advanced Training Enhancement Cards:
12 New special Advanced Training enhancement cards are available to buff up infantry type unit cards. In order to create an Advanced Training card you must have an Academy type facility card deployed to the game board as well as a hero with the “General” card subtype. A hero with the “General” subtype may attempt a Create Card Challenge if he or she is stationed at a hex with an academy and the hex is controlled by the player and not contested.

How To Create Advanced Training Cards:
Right click on the hero to bring up the Create Advanced Training option on the pop up menu. Click on the Create Advanced Training text and the Select Advanced Training Options Dialogue Box will appear. This dialogue is just like a Create a Technology or Tactics card dialogue box with the addition of a “Next” button on the left hand side of the dialogue that lets you toggle between the two pages of possible Advanced Training Cards that you can create.

You get 1 die for each level of the Academy card’s level and one die for every two points of Command Rating that the “General” possesses. You must then roll equal to the target threshold for the particular Advanced Training Card that you are trying to create. The Target Threshold ranges from 2 to 7.

For Example: Vladimir Kost is at an Imperial Outpost that also contains an Imperial War College that has been upgraded to level 3. When Vlad goes to attempt to create an Advanced Training Card he will receive (8 / 2) + 3 = 7 die.
Creating Advanced Training Cards only costs Action Points ranging from 2 to 7 which must be paid when the challenge is initiated.

If a Hero General succeeds in the Create Card Challenge then an Advanced Training Enhancement card is created and it can be added to the player’s hand. To enhance an infantry type card open the Army Viewer for the army containing the card then drag and drop the enhancement card onto the target infantry type card. The target infantry card must be at a controlled outpost or stronghold location that is not contested or besieged.

Each Infantry Type card can only ever receive 1 Advanced Training Enhancement. Once the enhancement has been applied by dragging and dropping the enhancement card onto the target infantry type card, then a special Chevron icon will appear in the top left corner of the card.

Advanced Training Cards Available:
Toughness Training - adds + 2 HP, +3 Resist
Defense Training - adds + 1 Defense
Firepower Training - adds + 1 Attack
Tactical Training - adds Flanking 2 Special Ability
Maneuver Warfare - adds +1 to unit card movement rate
Anti-Armor Warfare - adds Hyperkinetic +2 Special Ability
Deep Strike Training - adds +1 Attack and Breakthrough* Special Ability
NBC Training - adds Neuro Toxin 4 Special Ability and + 3 Resist
Medical Training - adds Triage** Special Ability
Assault Training - adds Assault +5 Special Ability
Advanced Sniper Training - adds Sniper 7 Special Ability
Commando School - adds + 1 Attack, +1 Defense and the Commando Special Ability

*Breakthrough cannot be added to a card that already possesses the Assault Special Ability.

**Triage is a new Special Ability. Each Infantry Type card in an army that has a card with the Triage Special Ability has a 50% chance each turn of healing a single hit point of damage regardless of where the army is located. This also applies to the card with the Special Ability. This special ability can stack.

New Assassination And Sabotage Action Point Costs:
The AP cost for Assassination and Sabotage Challenge Attempts increases by 1 point for each additional respective assassination or sabotage challenge performed by any given hero or unit card during a single turn.

For Example: Mata Boyd stumbles upon the enemy’s Stronghold and attempts to destroy it through sabotage. The first Sabotage Challenge costs 4 Action Points to initiate. The Challenge is unsuccessful. The next challenge will cost 5 Action Points to initiate. At the start of the next turn the first sabotage challenge will cost 4 Action Points and then ramp up by one for each additional challenge attempt.

Optional Fuel Cost Rule:
This rule can be toggled on via the Options menu and is available at any point within a game. It ONLY AFFECTS YOU and NOT YOUR AI OPPONENTS. In order to move an army containing an Armor, Mecha, Automat, Automecha or Biomecha type unit card, you must pay one unit of the Energy resource for each such card.

For Example: You have an Imperial Recon Army with a single Leopard Armor card. In order to move this army you will have to pay 1 unit of the energy resource.

NOTE: If at any point you toggle off the Optional Fuel Rule then all games will have this rule disabled. The rule is global and not specific to any particular game.

Update Notes v1.07:

Seek out and destroy five independent cults each pursuing their own special agenda in the trackless irradiated wastes of a devastated earth circa 2345. Cults of the Wastelands offers a brand new challenge to players who have already mastered the secrets to victory in the savage wars of the future.

Update Notes 1.06 PC Version

  • Fixed bug where Mutant hero Kinase was not receiving full tactical genius special ability bonus
  • UI Additions and Changes:
    • Canceling a movement order before the army has actually moved no longer results in the expenditure of action points and the army being marked as having already moved.
    • The Cards in Hand Display has now been redesigned to show 7 cards in the hand instead of the previous 5.
    • Rollover information now includes an Already Moved Icon for friendly units that have already moved during the turn and are no longer eligible to do so.
    • A timer for the message that the AI concedes the challenge has been created and can be adjusted in the options section. Setting the timer to 0 completely removes the message. i.e. the results dialogue display appears immediately after the AI concedes the challenge even if the dice have just finished rolling.

Update Notes 1.05

  • Fixed bug where Ground to Air challenges that resulted in destruction of last unit card in an army by HARM caused an error.
  • Fixed bug where an army defending in a minefield could cause the game to stall.
  • Fixed bug where eliminating last unit card in an army besieging a hex would not reset the army to a non sieging status which resulted in errors when combat was initiated.
  • Fixed bug where battle draw result would result in destruction of defending garrison. A draw at a besieged hex now results in sieging units having to retreat a hex and the siege is lifted.
  • Fixed bug where AI was responding too aggressively in Assassin vs Assassin duels as target.
  • Fixed bug where bonus from infantry support was being carried over an additional turn into the next combat.
  • Fixed bug where goal to reinforce Air Assault Group was not canceling the goal already assigned to the air assault army.
  • Fixed bug where indie unit card with the sniper ability was causing error when requesting AP for a sniper attackFixed bug where quick rolls for dice rolled because of tactics cards were not synched with dice sound.

UI Change

Cards drawn from the deck or added to the hand from a menu now always appear in the last visible slot on the right.

*New Game Play Changes*

Buying initiative dice now costs more resources per die as the total number of die purchased increases.
1st and 2nd die purchased cost 1 resource
3rd and 4th die purchased cost 2 resources
5th and 6th die purchased cost 3 resources
7th die purchased costs 4 resources

Increased AP Deployment costs: Unit cards that cost 4 points or higher to add to your deck now cost more Action Points for deployment.
4 point cards cost 1 AP extra
5, 6 point cards cost 2 AP extra
7, 8, point cards cost 3 AP extra

Siege rules have been changed to permit armies in the besieged hex to hold out for longer. Armies that are besieged in a hex now remain in supply for the remainder of the turn plus 1 turn for every facility level of the outpost or stronghold.

Bounty hunters have been improved to help deal with assassins and saboteurs.
Bounty hunters now add their bounty hunter level to the strength of every observation check in the same hex. Multiple bounty hunters skill levels stack for this purpose up to a maximum strength of 10 dice. Additionally, when a bounty hunter hero is the target of an assassination attempt the challenge is treated as a duel and the bounty hunter hero is allowed to use his fate for the challenge.

Game Features

  • Turn based strategy game in a post-apocalyptic setting versus 1 to 3 AI opponents.
  • Hexagonal maps depicting the ravaged wastes of earth circa 2345 featuring 3 map sizes ranging from normal to huge.
  • 4 playable factions each with unique units, art and playing styles.
  • Over 75 faction heroes lead your armies into battle. Heroes allow for larger, more effective armies and have their own special abilities that can change the tide of battle or even create new weapons and technology cards.
  • Over 200 unique units wage battle across the savage landscape; command infantry, cyborgs, robots, powered battle armor, armor, artillery, mecha, biomecha and many more.
  • Over 80 unique special abilities for heroes and units; abilities like multi-targeting, shock attack, double attack, fanatic, military genius and valor allow you to find exciting combos of play just like you would in a collectible card or miniatures game.
  • Collectible card game flavor without the expense. Each hero, unit or facility is a card that can be added to your play deck.
  • Board game mechanics. Roll a unit’s attack die versus another unit’s defense die and play special abilities and cards to alter the results.
  • Assassinate enemy heroes, sabotage enemy facilities, gather intelligence through espionage and stealth, hunt down enemy heroes and hold them prisoner.
  • Drop thermonuclear weapons on your enemies or load out your units with tactical nuke cards created by your leading technologists.
  • Challenging goal based AI agents see the same game you do and must gather intelligence, build armies and formulate plans just like you: “No cheating.”

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