Urban Race

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Elsewhere Entertainment

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'Urban Race' (X360/PC) Looking for A Publisher - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 12, 2008 @ 5:21 a.m. PDT

Labeled as Burnout meets Assassin's creed, Urban Race is a blend between Parkour, a fluid, efficient and acrobatic physical discipline, and aggressive and violent takedowns of opponents using the environment and handy weapons.

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In a contemporary, humorous, violent and quirky universe, sportsmen are dueling in a new kind of discipline called "Urban Racing". It is a blend between Parkour, a fluid, efficient and acrobatic physical discipline, and aggressive and violent takedowns of opponents using the environment and handy weapons. In takedowns, the more the opponent is humiliated, the better. Races take place in urban environments mixing various styles (industrial, city, ruins). The first player to end the race is the winner. There is only one rule: pain but no blood.

Up to 4 players battle in different arenas or races. Races take place in an urban environment made of obstacles that the player avoids or overcomes using his avatar's Parkour skills. The goal is simple: first player to finish the race is the winner. Players play cooperatively in a relay race mode.

Races are made of contemporary cities featuring skyscrapers, rooftops, shopping avenues, back alleys as well as more industrial settings like docks or a junkyard. The game also features achievements that can be unlocked by the player (distance jumper, impressive shooter, takedown monster…).

The player moves in a fluid manner in the environment. He crosses rails and jumps walls and fences. He climbs gutters, grids and jumps from bar to bar. He can even do amazing jumps between rooftops and platforms. The game features impressive moves like you can find in films such as Banlieue 13, Yamakasi or in latest James Bond movie, Casino Royale. Controls are simple; the player uses keyboard arrows to move his character and his mouse button to perform highly contextual moves (pad and appropriate buttons for Xbox 360 version). He has full control over the camera with his mouse. Special cameras show the stunts the player performs from impressive angles.

When a player is chasing another player, he can perform a takedown. Takedowns are violent interactions between two players which make the victim stumble and fall, losing some adrenaline (see below). For example: the player can push his opponent into a wall with his arms or wait until his opponent starts to climb a wall and to grab his leg and make him fall. When doing so, the player humiliates his opponent even more and gets adrenaline.

Adrenaline allows the player to boost the speed of his avatar for a short time. To use adrenaline, he has to push the right mouse button (or appropriate pad button). Each time he uses the boost, his adrenaline level decreases. Adrenaline can be acquired with takedowns, cool movements (like big jumps) or by picking up adrenaline cans. When dying or when the player suffers a takedown he loses some of his adrenaline.

The player picks up items which are available in every level. While he is carrying them, the player can use the items or throw them at an enemy. If successful, the item triggers different types of behaviors. For example:

  • Throw a Chihuahua to bite the opponent's leg and slow him down.
  • Throw a bucket of paint, painting the opponent's screen with a specified color.
  • Throw a trash can lid.
  • Drop a granny on the path to block other players.

The game features offbeat humor and optional game modes. For example:

  • King of the Chihuahua: Keep the Chihuahua for the longest in a given time. Each takedown or hit makes you lose the Chihuahua.
  • Take Me Down: One takedown means losing, the last alive is the winner.
  • Throw Arena: Players get a full adrenaline bar in an arena full of throwable objects. When the adrenaline bar is empty, the player loses.
  • Paint It Black: Each time the player gets a bucket of paint a part of his screen gets painted. When the screen is full of paint, he loses.

Urban Race is a humorous, ironically violent sports game for up to 4 players under development for Xbox 360 and PC.

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