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Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: dtp/ANACONDA (EU), Atari (US)
Developer: Deck 13
Release Date: Jan. 2011

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'Venetica' (X360/PC) - 11 New Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 29, 2008 @ 2:13 a.m. PDT

Venetica is an action-RPG with an immersive storyline. Venetica mixes emotion and action in an intense and powerful setting. A unique and vibrant game world full of surprises, set in the beautifully rendered city of Venice during the 16th Century, awaits players in this captivating adventure game.

It is set in a fantastic 16th century Venice, where the player assumes the role of young Scarlett, daughter of Death himself. She must fight against a threat that could not be worse… A Necromancer has stolen the supernatural powers of Death and managed to become immortal. Only a hero with equal powers will be able to stop him and his henchmen. Scarlett must answer the call.

On a journey through Venice and other areas Scarlett battles against many creatures of evil. Combat was designed in a way that controls are easy to learn, but training, skill and tactics are indispensable to master the challenges. Players will have to watch their opponent’s actions closely. They will have to find the right timing for their attacks if they want to put an end to the evil brood. Simple hack & slay will not be effective in the Action RPG Venetica.

Scarlett can use multiple different melee weapons: For example, the demon-banning Moonblade, devastating mauls or spear and shield. Because of her supernatural powers, the daughter of Death develops magical abilities and skills: Scarlett can talk to ghosts or summon undeads to boost her defenses. Many of these skills can be combined with weapons for maximum damage.

Before Scarlett can use her supernatural skills, she has to train and develop these abilities. Right at the beginning of Venetica, Scarlett has no clue about the responsible tasks of Death her father is fulfilling. Accordingly she is not fully aware of her special powers.

Following the RPG tradition, players have to collect experience points they can use to build new skills. Scarlett can learn these tactics from her Mentors. Experience points are gained from slain enemies as well as successfully completed quests.

Venetica will be a cinematic Action RPG with an extraordinary and deep story. The game mixes emotion and action in stunning ways.

A unique and living world full of surprises is waiting for the player, set in fantastic 16th century Venice and paired with intuitive and easy to learn gameplay.

As Cinematic RPG Venetica offers movie like cameras, subtlety used cut scenes and spectacular images on a marvelous trip through a unique game world that is hard to match in the genre.

dtp entertainment will release Venetica developed by Deck 13 in 2009 for PC and Xbox 360.

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