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Good Old Games Adds Psychonauts, BloodRayne And Advent Rising

by Rainier on Nov. 5, 2009 @ 7:01 a.m. PST

GOG.com has signed a digital distribution agreement with Majesco Entertainment, expanding its catalogue with the additions of Psychonauts, Advent Rising, BloodRayne, and BloodRayne 2, with the first two currently available DRM-free and XP & Vista compatible.

Created by legendary game designer Tim Schafer, Psychonauts is a classic action-adventure game that was highly acclaimed by critics and received numerous awards. Players step into the shoes of Raz, a ten-year-old circus acrobat with psychic powers, as he takes up training at the Whispering Rock Summer Camp, a breeding ground for Psychonauts. Raz sets off on an incredible trip through the psyches of many of the camp’s inhabitants, and the ensuing adventure is full of hilarious dialogue and time-tested gameplay.

Advent Rising is a science-fiction action-adventure game that features a script written by famed sci-fi writer Orson Scott Card, the author of “Ender's Game” and “Speaker for Dead,” both awarded the Hugo and Nebula awards. The game introduces Gideon Wyeth, a rookie space pilot who lives a happy life until a terrifying message about an alien invasion appears. Gideon has to face the vicious race of the “Seekers” and save his homeland with futuristic weapons and psychic powers. 

“One of GOG.com’s main goals is to bring games that were overlooked back into the spotlight,” said Adam Oldakowski, Managing Director of GOG.com. “Games like Psychonauts perfectly embody the ‘Good Old Game’ and we’re thrilled to be bringing that game, along with other quality titles like BloodRayne and Advent Rising, to a new audience.”

Psychonauts and Advent Rising are already available for download at GOG.com for $9.99 and $5.99, respectively, DRM-free and compatible with Windows XP and Vista. Other titles from Majesco’s catalogue will be added in the coming weeks.

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