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Tribulation Knights

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Atomic Design Laboratory
Release Date: Q2 2010

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'Tribulation Knights' Narrows Down Release Date

by Rainier on Dec. 28, 2009 @ 3:20 p.m. PST

The storyline is an interpretation of the Bible concerning the end days. A worldwide cult organization is gaining control of the planet and is planning to incarcerate Christians who do not join them. The Tribulation Knights aim is to prevent that.

The open world game can be played in both the first and third person point of view. The player must use non-lethal weapons in the course of completing missions. This makes the game much harder than typical action games. The player is tasked with obtaining food, medical supplies, salvageable materials, and enemy intelligence. In addition there are missions to rescue rebel citizens from thugs, and Enforcers. Maintaining a level of faith is necessary since the events of these apocalyptic times can be dishearting. This requires the player to find a house of worship to bring the faith levels up after spending time engaging the enemy.

The plot of the game is that in the not too distant future a variety of disasters hit at the same time throwing the planet into turmoil. Millions of people are dead in only a short time. A deadly virus kills quickly as the economies of all countries fail in days, famine hits leaving everyone starving in weeks. Now chaos rules as people fight to live and survive.

Tribulation Knights features stealth as one of the most important and critical aspects of gameplay. What truly sets Tribulation Knights apart from other games on the market are its game rules. Shooting and killing of game characters is absent from this game. A high tech slingshot is one of the primary tools available to a Knight and it is used to take out surveillance and alarm systems. An on-screen partner provides critical information in your time of need.

The missions range from gathering intelligence to releasing fellow operatives from interrogation cells, to saving groups of incarcerated citizens from the clutches of the powerful Enforcers.

A single politician and his allies gain control of the world, and recruit everyone who will join them to restore order. He promises food and shelter, and protection, so many abandon their allegiance to their countries and join. They will be fed, and taken care of, but they will be required to be chipped. The integration of a bio adhering technology that permanently modifies a person. At that point they are forever tracked, monitored, and controlled. Their Brain functions actually change along with their DNA, and it is irreversible. These converts are no longer the people they once were. The process will only work on willing subjects.

Those people who refuse to become a member of this new society fighting to control everything, are labeled rebels. The rebel citizens are not allowed to buy, or sell food, own a home, or receive the protection of the new police force, only known as Enforcers. A secret group of extraordinary people who recruit the best agents send them out to help people. They are known as Knights.
These Knights must gather intelligence, retrieve supplies, and protect the innocent. The code of the Knights forbids them from killing, but they do have a variety of technological devices to defend themselves with. In the game they interview refugees who all have different opinions about what is happening to the world. Some believe it was the rapture that took so many people away, others believe it was a coordinated attack by a organization with the goal of world domination. The knights move in the shadows of alley ways in the cities, they are in the country side protecting farms from plunder, and they are taking refugees to safe zones where they can be free people for as long as they can.

A "Tribulation Knight" is an agent of an association created by a now destroyed collection of Christian churches. Their mission is to insure the freedom and safety of the last Christians left on the planet during the Tribulation. The life of a Knight is not long, but it will be a glorious life spent in the service of God, country, and in service to those around them.

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