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Empire of Sports

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Infront / F4

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'Empire of Sports' Hooks Up With Euroleague Basketball

by Rainier on Dec. 9, 2009 @ 8:01 a.m. PST

Empire of Sports is an MMORPG built entirely around sport, designed to allow players around the world to simultaneously exist in an online universe, where their alter egos socially interact, train, compete, attend events and acquire the goods and services they need to build a parallel sporting existence.

‘Empire of Sports’ is the world’s first massively multi-player online role-playing game platform (MMORPG) built entirely around sports. It is designed to allow millions of players around the world to simultaneously exist in a persistent online universe, where their avatars socially interact, train, compete and attend events in various sports disciplines to build a virtual sporting existence.

Building on the unprecedented rise of persistent gaming worlds, Empire of Sports opens up a completely new realm for gamers and online users: the exciting and thrilling world of sports. At the centre of the gamers’ attention is their virtual representation in the sports world, the avatar or player character. The player assumes the role of a single player character throughout the entire game, which will result in an up to now unimagined gaming experience, especially in team sports.

Available to play from the off are five sports, each of which will pit player versus player for the ultimate competition. Tennis, basketball, skiing, bobsleigh, track & field and some training games are all available immediately, with soccer – featuring 11 players on each team – launching shortly. In addition, players will be able to compete in in-game tournaments, customise their avatar and property with in-game items, travel to other sporting cities, meet virtual coaches, and even join virtual societies.

Each year, the 24 best European basketball teams take part in the Euroleague season, which culminates with the Final Four each spring at a selected location.

Euroleague Basketball is already represented in Empire of Sports by a fully dedicated virtual clubhouse. There, players can connect to all of the Euroleague online services and stay informed of the latest news. Inside the virtual clubhouse, players can also find special items, such as special basketball shirts for use in Empire of Sports. There is also a virtual coach to give advice and missions meant to develop their playing abilities on the court.

In the coming months, the Empire of Sports and Euroleague partnership will develop through regular events and competitions based on actual Euroleague happenings. Further details will be released later.

As for now, Empire of Sports will celebrate the partnership by organising a welcome tournament: the "Euroleague Basketball Tournament", which will take place from December 14 to 20. Open to all teams in the game, it will give players the opportunity to develop their avatar’s running and shooting abilities as well as team play. Among the prizes for the tournament’s winners are official Euroleague merchandise, including basketballs and hats.

"Empire of Sports is the perfect place for our mission to promote basketball in Europe," explained Euroleague Basketball’s Director of Marketing & Sponsor Sales, Mr. Pedro Galván. "Its community is not only genuinely interested in sports in general, but also young, open to new experiences and eager for new challenges. Empire of Sports provides us with an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of potential new basketball players. We are extremely happy with this partnership and about all the exciting events we will organise together."

True to life, players must train their avatars in order to grow their skill sets and become the best in this world of sport. Players can also purchase in-game items which will facilitate strength and stamina and improve all-round performance.

The developers are keen to make further improvements in order to perfect the world’s first platform-dedicated sports MMO. The Prologue will mean gamers can now download Empire of Sports online free of charge and join over 150 nationalities already playing online and communicate their in-game experiences to help fine tune the gameplay and the business model during the final stages of development.

Features :

  • The first true multi-sport MMORPG
  • A journey that will take you from being an ambitious and talented rookie to the heights of sports stardom
  • Create your own individual character and develop its skills and capabilities in various sports
  • Participate in multi-player sports action in football, basketball, tennis, skiing, bobsleigh, athletics and gym games
  • Interact with thousands of other players in virtual city centers
  • Compete in matches and competitions for all levels and reach the top of your sports league

Among the high quality multiplayer sports games available at the launch of Empire of Sports will be Basketball, Tennis, Skiing, and a series of fitness and training games. Other major sports will be announced as the platform develops.

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