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Ascaron Signs 'Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge'

by Rainier on March 3, 2009 @ 5:42 a.m. PST

Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge once again plunges players into the Far West in 1875. In this new episode, fans of Fenimore Fillmore will face some hairy moments. The cowboy, with his girlfriend Thiannon and his inseparable horse Rayo, is full of humor as usual, despite his mission to save lives…

Fenimore Fillmore’s Revenge is a point and click PC adventure set in the Wild West from Nobilis and Ascaron Entertainment, full of mysterious puzzles and humorous dialogue. Players can enjoy the game’s detailed graphics as they follow the adventures of Fenimore Fillmore, a courageous cowboy who must find his recently kidnapped cowgirl companion Rhiannon, before undertaking a quest to find secret hidden treasure.

Fenimore and Rhiannon’s adventures begin when they encounter a wounded stranger on their travels. The stranger tells Rhiannon of some treasure hidden in a cemetery, revealing the name of the person buried there in his last dying words. However, three men approach whilst this clue is being revealed and attack Fenimore and Rhiannon in a blazing showdown to find out the details. Fenimore is left for dead whilst Rhiannon is kidnapped and the treasure hunt begins. Players can then take on the role of either Fenimore or Rhiannon, working through the storyline to collect clues and solve the many puzzles.

Throughout the game, players can enjoy entertaining, humorous dialogue and a wide range of crazy characters; an alcoholic doctor, a mad scientist and a deaf telegraph operator. Fenimore Fillmore’s Revenge also features beautiful 3D graphics and animated cartoon images, allowing the player to fully immerse themselves in the Spaghetti Western theme.

Fenimore Fillmore’s Revenge includes over 50 different objects that can be combined and utilised to move the plot forwards. For example, players will need to collect red and green herbs in order to heal an injured character before progressing further. After some herbs have been fed to the patient, the remaining herbs can be mixed with mud to make a dressing for his wound, prompting him to reveal further clues.

Game Features

  • 3rd person 3D adventure
  • A humoristic western adventure!
  • Strong NPC personalities and a lot of bandits to shoot at.
  • The possibility to play alternatively with the 2 main characters: Fenimore Fillmore, a courageous hero, and Rhiannon, a sexy girl!
  • A lot of enigmas to solve in order to progress in the adventure. Ex: Find how to heal the wounded man in order to progress in the plot.
  • More than 50 objects to use: Find and combine them in order to take advantage of them. Ex: Collect 2 kinds of herbs (green and red). Give the good one to the wounded man, he will eat it and begin to feel better. Mix the other one with some mud, create a poultice and put it on the wound.

Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge is currently scheduled for release in Germany on March 26, 2009, and the UK in Q2 2009.

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