Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: THQ
Developer: IllFonic
Release Date: May 3, 2012

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'Nexuiz' - v2.5 Free Full Game Available NOW

by Rainier on April 4, 2009 @ 1:53 p.m. PDT

Nexuiz is a 3D deathmatch game that is simply first person shooting reduced to the very basics with perfect weapon balancing. With its very intense and fast gameplay, it will hook the user in.

Get Nexuiz v2.5 full download off WP (360mb)

Please delete the files from the old Nexuiz/pro directory*! Extract the patch somewhere and then copy the single files from that (patch) data directory into your old data directory and also copy the rest from the (patch)Nexuiz directory (excluding the data directory!) into/over your old Nexuiz directory. On mac if you would copy the data directory it would DELETE the old files that you still need for Nexuiz to work!!

(* All the files from Nexuiz/pro are now in a pk3 file but Nexuiz will still load the old outdated single files from Nexuiz/pro unless you delete them)

  • Bad 'Lag' that a lot of people seem to have had in 2.4 (though in fact it was not lag but screwed up movement interpolation depending on frames per second and net-connection thats why it worked for most people in 2.4)
  • sometimes when joining a game particles did not show till a mapchange (like explosions, rockettrails)
  • Sound problems/crashes on mac and maybe windows. There were reports that cl_capturevideo on windows has no sound.
  • pk3 files build on mac now loads correctly (see the problems map arboria caused)
  • new announcer sounds, made by torus
  • new game mode onslaught and a map for it (ons-reborn by morphed)
  • crylink primary firemode got reworked
  • implemented uint16 element array support, this hopefully improves performance on Radeon 9500-X300 cards and GeForce1/2 cards
  • fixed the Mac OSX rotating hud problem with r_glsl 1
  • on some custom maps items were positioned wrong.. (well those items still are BADLY placed so mappers should fix the maps but at least now they show up as in 2.3 again)
  • shownames / hidewaypoints is updated correctly when changed via the menu while playing
  • bot were sometimes not joining the smaller team
  • instagib was not always insta :)
  • bots crashing in keyhunt which made campaign 15 and keyhunt with bots in general unusable
  • some nexuiz map had a missing tdm mapinfo and thus did not display in the tdm menu
  • further improvements of the 'lag/movement' fix, even smoother now and less problems with slow connections too. should be as good as it can be now
  • less problems with quake 1/3 items (some item names conflicted)
  • minor menu changes
  • docu updates
  • fixed more sound problems
  • fix segfault with long aliases
  • changed some 25 armors to 100 armors on dieselpower
  • added bloodprionsctf to maplist
  • turned all the KP_ binds into userbinds so people can finally see those chat binds in the menu AND have some examples on how to use userbinds. (will have to start with a new config.cfg to see them)
  • raised userbinds from 16 to 32
  • onslaught ready reset code
  • new RL weapon icon
  • centerprint command
  • crosshair 11, a multicolor version of crosshair 8 (works best with crosshair_color white)
  • texturecompression parameteres changed
  • small menu changes
  • compiles in freebsd again
  • fixed some map/model bugs
  • work around some q3map2 bugs
  • fixed final_rage were some lava did not yield damage
  • fixed some Nexuiz maps showing wrong items after the q1/q3 compatibility changes
  • seems the crash at Nexuiz start on windows/nexuiz.exe is fixed
  • the problems on debian etch and hopefully some 64bit linux systems are gone by using different build machines
  • added server tools for rcon and a irc gateway
  • TRUEAIM © had a bug with invisible clips
  • nexuiz.exe can be used with option -dedicated without problems now
  • variable r_drawfog
  • dom game mode now can change spawn points according to captured dom points
  • several projectiles can now hit yourself
  • engine should load on windows 95/98/me again
  • ping display was wrong with cl_movement 0
  • hud numbers and icons are now closer to each other to make clear which belong together
  • reload effectsinfo.txt at level start
  • Extend rcon_restricted_commands to contain more complex patterns
  • added gl_vbo modes 2 and 3 and add them to the menu
  • fixed compiling on opensolaris
  • fixed wrong ping time display with cl_movement 0
  • g_maplist_check_waypoints: when 1 and the server is not full enough to play bot-less, maps without waypoints will be skipped
  • make func_snow and func_rain also work when no submodel is used, but origin/mins/maxs specified in the entity parameters. Makes it possible to add snow/rain to a map without recompiling (to create a submodel).

Changes from 2.3 to 2.4

  • Completely new menu design and UI graphics, allowing easier server browsing, player setup, and game creation options such as gametype and mutators
  • Two additional maps (Strength and BloodPrison CTF)
  • Updated models for several items and three weapons, new gibs, and many texture improvements throughout the game
  • Improved performance, networking, and memory usage
  • Graphical improvements including water reflections, completely new particle effects, and improved fog rendering
  • Improved bots, including AI improvements for CTF and Domination game modes
  • Improved map voting system

Changes from 2.2.3 to 2.3


Changes from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3

bug fixes:

- fixed rocket eating downer teleporters
- fixed center of crylink for small values of g_balance_crylink_secondary_shots
- autoscreenshot fixed again
- chmap command was not validated for master users; could lead to wrong game cvars in-game
- fix empty player names
- respawn when releasing the fire button to prevent shooting on respawning
- fix many engine crashes on loading invalid data files
- fix negative ping values in server browser or "teamstatus" info
- fix severe remote file read/overwrite security hole in "gamedir" command (2.2.1 was NOT affected as the command was new in 2.2.2)
- on OS X, work around driver bugs (again, but I won't put a rant here now...) by forcing the texture non-power-of-two extension off
- outdated links in Docs fixed
- only shuffle map list once per server start; also, the first map was not always chosen randomly
- missing "is playing now" message for observers starting to play
- sequential map selection used a too small cycle when a map was named twice

new features:

- nexuiz-linux scripts can now take an option +vid_x11_display :3 or a cvar of the name vid_x11_display. If the named display does not exist, it gets created using startx; otherwise Nexuiz will run on that display. Useful for Xgl users.
- cmd info (something) displays the contents of the server cvar sv_info_(something) so server admins can put text there
- vdo login (string) gives the issuer vote master status (can use vdo to directly issue any votable command) if (string) matches sv_vote_master_password
- update notification when the version after 2.2.3 comes out
- a new hidden mutator our old stagers will recognise ;)
- respawn delay is now configurable: g_respawn_delay, g_respawn_waves, g_ctf_respawn_delay, g_ctf_respawn_waves; maybe the defaults will get changed in the future
- new cvar sv_random_seed for reproducable server benchmarks
- in server browser responses, bots now always get a ping of 0 and players always get a ping >= 1. That way, programs like xqf can show separate bot and player counts
- better configurable gloss
- fake stencil shadows via r_shadows
- sv_public -2 now prevents anyone from join; sv_public -1 immediately removes the server from server browsers
- net_banlist cvar to contain a list of banned IPs
- "tell # 3 some text" now tells the player 3 (as seen in status) some text; this is consistent with the kick command
- new bloom code to better match HDR rendering; main difference between r_hdr and r_bloom now is just reduced moiree effect of bloom

Changes from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2:


Changes from 2.1 to 2.2.1:

- new Nexus skin - the old one had too much red and was confusing in team matches
- back to original Carni model (2.1's was badly centered when walking and became harder to hit)
- two new crosshairs, added crosshair alpha setting to menu
- new shotgun model
- new MG model
- new armor/health models and HUD (thanks to tZork and Morphed)
- cells now stand on the floor instead of floating in the air for consistency
- MG muzzle flash now attached th the player, won't lag behind him
- CTF flag now attached to the player, won't lag behind him
- scr_stipple: if v_psycho doesn't hurt your eyes enough, try this: r_showsurfaces 1; vid_vsync 1; scr_stipple 18; vid_restart
- tChr's grenade bounce sounds
- two new crosshair images

Features for players:
- support for multiple campaigns
- con_closeontoggleconsole: for our Americans who want to bind the console to `, also set this so you can close the console with the key again
- replaced single-image + wav video capture by AVI video capture
- Nex settings for minstagib and regular gameplay now have separate cvars
- FTEQW compatibility (FTEQW still crashes on the .spr files but after deleting them it will work)
- event log now contains chat bubble status to log typekills
- separate chat area; voting also appears there for better visibility
- new chat macro %p - player you last pointed at (that is, whose name was shown)
- auto team selection now chooses the lowest scoring team in case of equal player counts
- the server's map list can be shown using "cmd maplist"
- added support for external server browser bot detection (ping = 0 for bots only)

Features for servers:
- g_maplist_selectrandom is now DEPRECATED in favor of g_maplist_shuffle
- g_maplist_shuffle: new method to select maps, this doesn't select the map uniformly, but prefers maps that haven't been played for a while (the value of this cvar tunes this bias a bit, the larger, the higher - so the limit for the cvar value to infinity is unrandomized selection, and the limit for the cvar value to zero is uniformly random selection)
- map list editing commands for the dedicated server console: g_maplist_add, g_maplist_remove and g_maplist_shufflenow

Features for mappers:
- ammo/armor pickup amount can now be overridden my mappers
- multiple worldspawns cause very weird log output, catching this error now so mappers have a way to detect it
- added support for Q3 CTF entities
- new entities: func_rain, func_snow
- support for animmap shaders

- default download speed increased because of large map downloads
- increased Nex reload time for more even weapon balance, also reduced damage slightly

- waypoints for runningman
- fixed exit_cfg execution
- fixed telefrags in team games - now the telefragger isn't punished for that
- fixed armor "generation"
- fixed frag redistribution on forced team change
- fixed clientcommands remote console command injection
- fixed negative score after team change
- fixed sv_autoscreenshot
- disabled fbskins in team games (to prevent blue players from appearing in red)
- increased network timeouts to prevent disconnects when havocbots take long to link their waypoints
- made the auto button in the team select menu the default button
- fixed crash in curl --cancel
- fixed fake players DoS
- fixed deluxemapping detection to get rid of black surfaces on some maps
- removed annoying debug print in LMS
- fixed LMS
- increased version at top of this file

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