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Help Wanted

Platform(s): Wii
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Hudson

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'Help Wanted' (Wii) - Screens

by Rainier on May 6, 2009 @ 3:40 a.m. PDT

Help Wanted is a fun, slap-stick new life simulation game for Wii where players are sent on a mission to save the world from impending extinction by completing fifty different jobs.

A series of huge meteors are heading to Earth, and only the diligent, hard work of those enrolling for Help Wanted can save it! Only by raising cash by being successful at 50 jobs, can the player buy the items needed to prevent the meteors from ending all life as we know it. Thus, with three game modes on offer, Help Wanted steps up as one of the most ways to save the planet that you are ever likely to see!

In Story Mode, the player is charged with taking on a diverse range of jobs and out-performing those around you to accrue money. Players browse the in-game ads to find jobs they are interested in, with careers ranging from body-building, cooking, cameraman, ER Attendant, deep-sea explorer, stunt person, make up artist and so on. Each chosen profession has three difficulty levels and enjoys a dedicated sub-game where players compete against friends, with the most successful awarded the day’s pay.

These earnings can then be spent on items to further enhance your chances in later career choices – uniforms, useful items, etc – or to put towards the anti-Meteor devices needed to save the Earth. Help Wanted thus becomes a tough juggling act, with later stages adding ever-improving players out to win the money, while the pressing need to destroy the meteors acts as an ever-present time limit.

Help Wanted enjoys the same quirky, ever-entertaining gameplay of its sister title Sports Island, and demonstrates Hudson Soft’s skill at producing fun, competitive games for the family. The two-player game will see friends go head-to-head, while a series of Training modes allow users to hone their skills in the various career paths on offer. A total of 30 mini-games are accessible in the single player mode from the beginning, with more challenges being unlocked through the Story Mode.

Key Features

  • Multiple difficulty levels which change up gameplay elements.
  • Head to head multiplayer on 15 jobs
  • Shop with the money you earn. Buy fun and crazy things after you get off of work and show them off in your collector’s room when you’re done!
  • Buy special goods that will help you save the planet or delay it’s extinction from a meteor
  • 50 different jobs inside:
    1. Cleaning Crew
    2. Newscaster
    3. Astronaut
    4. Babysitter
    5. Beach Waiter
    6. Boat Captain (Resort Captain)
    7. Bodybuilder
    8. Master Higgins
    9. Market Clerk
    10. Cook
    11. Dairy Farmer
    12. Dentist
    13. CEO
    14. Dry Cleaner
    15. Emergency Medical Technician
    16. Exercise Instructor
    17. Farmer
    18. Fire Fighter
    19. Fisherman
    20. Arctic Delivery
    21. Game Creator
    22. Goalkeeper
    23. Grill Cook
    24. Haunted House Monster
    25. Interpreter
    26. Interpreter
    27. Interviewer
    28. Clown
    29. Lighting Crew Member
    30. Make-up Artist
    31. Manicurist
    32. Courier
    33. Pinch Hitter
    34. Pit Crew
    35. Pizza Chef
    36. Policeman
    37. Crane Operator
    38. Art Restorer
    39. Security Guard
    40. Aerial Camera
    41. Stunt Car Driver
    42. Submarine Crew
    43. Sumo Referee
    44. Action Hero
    45. Sushi Master
    46. Tailor
    47. Teacher
    48. TV Camera Person
    49. TV Shopping Crew
    50. Volleyball Referee

Help Wanted will be available exclusively for Wii on May 12, 2009

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