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Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, WiiU, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: Nobilis
Developer: Frozenbyte
Release Date: Sept. 8, 2009

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Southpeak Brings 'Trine' (PC) To North America - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on June 25, 2009 @ 1:23 p.m. PDT

Trine is a fantasy action game where the player can create and use physics-based objects to beat hazardous puzzles and threatening enemies.

Get the Trine [PC] Demo off WP (460mb)

In Trine™, players work together to create and use objects to solve challenging physics-based puzzles and defeat dangerous enemies. Set in a kingdom on the verge of chaos, a warrior, a wizard, and a thief are bound by a powerful artifact known as "the Trine". Together, they must battle the forces of space, energy, and motion to put an end to the reign of the dark sorcerer that rules the kingdom.

Featuring three-player cooperative play, each character has specific talents to invent new solutions to puzzles and original ways to defeat enemies. The Wizard can use magic to create objects and new paths, the Thief can use her agility and accuracy to quickly deal with enemies, and the Warrior unleashes pure destruction everywhere he travels.

Trine™ had an amazing E3 and we can’t wait to get it into the hands of PC gamers,” said Richard Iggo, VP of Marketing at SouthPeak Interactive. “The PC platform gives as many players as possible the chance to join forces and find creative methods for completing game objectives. It’s up to them to determine how their quests will progress and how they’ll ultimately achieve victory.”

The gameplay is based on fully interactive physics - each character's different ability helps the player battle an army of un-dead and defeat hazardous contraptions. The player can at any time freely choose whoever is best suited for the upcoming challenge or puzzle: The Wizard is able to summon objects to help solve puzzles and create new ways to overcome obstacles, the Thief uses her agility and dead-on accuracy to swiftly surprise the monsters, and the Warrior unleashes mayhem and physical destruction wherever he goes.

Co-op multiplayer (on a single computer/console system) details:

  1. The game features a cooperative multiplayer mode (up to 3 players together), featuring an easy join in/out logic to allow the maximum of fun – join in at any time during the game! On PC, multiple input devices (joypads, mouse+keyboard) are supported.
  2. With the Jump’n Run gameplay and 3 different characters and weaponry, the co-operative mode allows totally new tactics that take the action and puzzle solving to a new level!
  3. For example, a player who is playing the Thief character cannot block enemy shots... However, another player who is playing the Knight who has a shield can provide cover from enemy shots while the other takes careful aim and shoots down the enemies.

Trine will be released on PC in July 3, 2009, while the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade versions will follow shortly.

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