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Battle Fantasia

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: Aksys
Developer: Arc System Works

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'Battle Fantasia' (PS3/X360) Coming As Download to PSN

by Rainier on July 13, 2009 @ 5:17 p.m. PDT

Battle Fantasia is a two-player arcade fighting game developed by Arc System Works of Guilty Gear fame, and designed by artist Emiko Iwasaki. Battle Fantasia is considered a 2.5D game as it is played in 2D, but uses 3D polygonal character models except that the frames are edited to emulate the style of 2D sprites. Like Guilty Gear, the game uses unusual-looking characters, different setting, and each round acts as a chapter, making it more of a fantasy chapter book.

Developed by combat veterans Arc System Works, Battle Fantasia is like no other fighter available on consoles, thanks to its unique cast of fantasy-inspired characters, alongside a storyline and script that stays true to its Japanese heritage and manga roots. In fact, 505 Games is ensuring the overall experience is as close as you’ll get to playing a Japanese arcade game in the streets of Tokyo, without ever leaving the comfort of your sofa.

In keeping with the fantasy themes of the game, Battle Fantasia also has elements familiar to fans of role-playing games. Instead of having a standard health bar, characters have hit-points that drain away as they take damage. As a result smaller characters have less health but are faster and harder to hit, whereas larger ones can deal more damage but are lumbering hulks. This means the gameplay experience is unlike any fighter you’ve played before.

Battle Fantasia includes a variety of different modes, including story, practice, survival, time attack, versus mode and online multiplayer. What’s more, by playing through the story mode, it’s possible to unlock new costumes for the fighters, along with a range of artwork by Guilty Gear series legend Emiko Iwasaki.

To commemorate this special release, Aksys Games have added additional trophies to be named by the fans of the series! Below are the trophies that are up to be named:

  1. Outside of training mode, dish out a total of over 1,000,000 damage.
  2. In single-player arcade mode, seduce every character with Ashley's taunt.
  3. In single-player arcade mode, get 25+ hits with Coyori's Cat Storm.
  4. Outside of training mode, as Death Bringer, defeat an opponent with a single move.
  5. Outside of training mode, win a match with only 1 HP left.

To enter the contest, head on over to the official website, the best name of each trophy will be included in the game!

"The fans have been asking for it and we're here to deliver," said Frank "Ba" deWindt II, Project Lead, Aksys Games. "Thanks to the revival of the fighting genre this year there hasn't been a better time to release such a fun and exciting fighter like Battle Fantasia on the PlayStation Network."

Battle Fantasia Key Features:

  • Gorgeous Cel-shaded Graphics: Experience Battle Fantasia's amazing art and graphics as you play through the game!
  • Exclusive Console Story Mode: Play through each character's main scenario in "Story Mode", or discover hidden sub-scenarios to truly immerse yourself in the universe of Battle Fantasia!
  • Exciting Online Play: Fight against opponents from far and wide or view your overall online rankings via PlayStation Network!
  • Feel the Burn of "Heat Up" and the Sting of "GACHI": Master the Battle Fantasia exclusive battle mechanics of "Heat Up" mode, "GACHI Match", and "GACHI Drive" to keep your opponents on their toes!
  • 12 playable characters with their own range of special moves
  • Find Every Unlockable!: With over 80 unlockable illustrations in "Gallery Mode" and various PlayStation Trophies, you'll find yourself playing for hours on end!
  • A faithful recreation of the arcade game, from the developers of the Guilty Gear series

Already available on Xbox 360 since Sept. 19, 2008, and on PS3/X360 in Europe, Aksys Games will release the PS3 version via the PlayStation Network this coming Fall 2009.

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