Advent Rising

Platform(s): PC, Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: Majesco
Developer: GlyphX Games

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'Advent Rising' Designer Woud Love to Continue Trilogy

by Rainier on Aug. 23, 2009 @ 1:41 a.m. PDT

Advent Rising is a 3rd person, action/adventure game presented in a stunning cinematic format that delivers an unprecedented variety of addictive game play experiences. Built on the Unreal Warfare Engine, it offers precise, refined play-dynamics with action-packed adventure and style, wrapped in a visually imaginative universe. Advent Rising is akin to a fast-paced action movie where the player is swept up in a continuously evolving series of sequences and events.
Advent Rising is a third-person, intergalactic action/adventure of epic proportions, akin to a fast-paced action movie where the player is swept up in an ever-evolving series of sequences and events. Originally developed by GlyphX Games, the game's designer Donald Mustard, now with Epic studio's Chair Entertainment, which is comprised of several former AR developers, would love to continue the original trilogy idea, but the IP is owned by Majesco.
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