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All Aspect Warfare

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: 3000 AD

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'All Aspect Warfare' (ALL) v1.00.35 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Sept. 15, 2009 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

All Aspect Warfare chronicles the adventures, mishaps and all around tomfoolery of an “elite” team of combat marines who crash landed on the enemy planet they were sent to completely destroy. Stranded and left for dead on a planet with a deployed thermo-nuclear weapon ticking somewhere, their only chance of escape lies deep within hostile territory.

Get the All Aspect Warfare [PC] v1.00.35 Patch off WP (15mb)

All Aspect Warfare chronicles the adventures, mishaps and all around tomfoolery of an “elite” team of combat marines who crash landed on the enemy planet they were sent to completely destroy. Stranded and left for dead on a planet with a deployed thermo-nuclear weapon ticking somewhere, their only chance of escape lies deep within hostile territory. With no way of locating the weapon, their's is a race against time to get off the planet before detonation.

Set on a remote four hundred square mile stretch of a near desolate planet, the game features fast and furious action in first or third person perspective, vehicular and aerial combat with a vast array of player controlled air, ground and naval assets. With six playable classes, over twenty first person weapons of mass destruction, thirty player controlled units and breathtaking vistas, this open world game is best in class.

Instant action missions for quick engagements, an involving multi-branching campaign storyline that never plays the same way twice and various multiplayer modes, the game offers something for every action gamer. Whether you are a first or third person gamer or a flight combat jock, the game has something for you to excel at and enjoy with your friends.

==[TRACKING - ISSUES]==========================================================


- Scene sometimes not fully loaded when Co-Op server recycles
- Dying in CO-OP sometimes does not respawn all clients
- The mission timer sometimes does not appear in the HUD on remote console servers
- NPC marine bots on remote console servers sometimes created in the air.
- Slight delay in removal of exploding rocket and missiles on remote console servers
- Player stats accumulated on joining stats server. Regardless of your pre-existing
stats, those values should not carry over across sessions as they were designed
to be one-way. e.g. if you had 1000XP, entered a server, gained 100XP, it should
remain at 100XP while in the game session, not 1100XP. No decision has been made
yet as to whether or not to change this behavior.


- XBox360 game pad will sometimes continue to vibrate after player killed.


- [GEN] Add ability to sprint in short bursts
- [GEN] Allow use of PSJ to show persons in Tacops
- [GEN] Add some ambient scene assets to bases
- [GEN] Ability to capture planetary bases in sandbox mode
- [MP] Ability for each client (based on XP) to create cloned marines at supply
platforms as their team escorts
- [MP] Ability to form/join squads in multiplayer
- [MP] SteamWorks features planned (x = done)
x Game Overlay
* Leaderboards
* Stats & Achievements
* Matchmaking and Lobbies
* Built-In Voice Chat
* Steam Cloud
* Steam DLC delivery


[1.00.35] | 09-14-09]


- [GEN] The detonation trigger of the prox grenade and APM mine has been reduced
from 30 to 5 secs.

- [GEN] Revised the throw and roll distance of grenades. Previously each second
tick was a 20m range throw. This has been reduced to 10m.

- [GEN] The grenades and mines in a loadout profile are now shown in the Story Mode
profile selection as well as at the supply station selection screen.

- [GEN] FIXED: NPC's now properly recover from being in invalid nav mesh positions.

- [GEN] FIXED: Added padding around buildings to navmesh to prevents NPC's from getting
stuck in some corners.

- [GEN] FIXED: Random crash sometimes when loading a saved game.

- [MP] The CO-OP scenario now has a five min start delay. After this delay, the scenario will
start and no additional clients are allowed to join until the scenario ends or all clients
are dead.

[1.00.34] | 09-13-09]

- [MP] FIXED: APM and prox grenades would explode instantly when dropped

- [MP] FIXED: on remote clients missile sounds weren't played

- [MP] FIXED: on remote servers PSJ and PCU would remain active even after Energy Cells were depleted

- [MP] FIXED: on remote servers PSU wasn't working properly in some cases

- [MP] FIXED: Joining co-op server from GameLobby started clients at the wrong base

- [MP] FIXED: NPC persons on remote servers sometimes didn't play death animation; making it look
like weapon fire had no effect on them.

[1.00.33] | 09-11-09]

- [MP] Minor revision to network protocols

[1.00.32] | 09-10-09]

- [GEN] Revised character armor protection values. Remember ALL items have
weight. So the heavier the items you are carrying, the slower your
movement and the quicker your Fatigue Factor increases. So having a
jetpack, heavy armor, machine gun, ammo, grenades etc definitely has
an effect.

BEFORE: Kevlar (100), Light (200), Medium (300), Heavy (400)
AFTER: Kevlar (250), Light (350), Medium (500), Heavy (600)

[1.00.31 | 09-09-09]

- [GEN] Rockets used by launchers (LR12, HORNET, KLMP) are no longer supersonic
(in excess of 343 m/s) when in flight. This gives players the chance to get
out of the way if one is fired from a distance. However, due to the reduced
speed, they are now less effective against fast moving targets such as
fighters and some gunships.

NOTE: The minimum engagement range for NPC persons is 500m. So even though
rocket launchers have a longer range, an NPC carrying one will not fire
unless he is within 500m from the target. From that range, you have five
seconds to get out of the way of an incoming LR12 rocket flying at 100 m/s.

- [GEN] Reduced the effects of grenade and mines splash damage.

- [GEN] All character classes now have a D.I.E unit by default. Also added the
jetpack to some Elite Force Marine (Lucas) profiles.

- [GEN] At LT. COMMANDER (pilot) or SERGEANT (marine) rank, player can now command
other friendly forces using the Team Orders Menu. The ranks and experience
points required for each have been added to p34 of the game manual.

- [GEN] FIXED: "F9 - PROCEED TO ASSET" team order didn't work in some cases

- [GEN] FIXED: launchers (LR12, HORNET) no longer lock past target.

- [GEN] FIXED: destroying friendly units emitting SOS wouldn't give a violation.

- [GEN] FIXED: Destroying friendlies as a vehicle gunner did not give a violation

- [GEN] FIXED: player would sometimes lose command authority over NPC forces

- [GEN] FIXED: NPC sometimes couldn't navigate around certain buildings types

- [MP] Revised some base layouts and placed spawn points closer to DJP

- [MP] FIXED: player is no longer teleported when entering vehicles in MP after being killed.

[1.00.30 | 09-01-09]

- [GEN] All gunships now have a missile jammer (J)

- [GEN] New version of GameLobby app now shows additional server config fields

[1.00.29 | 08-28-09]

- [GEN] Minor revisions to shot deviation in some weapons

- [GEN] Delay in player death trigger has been removed. This causes the event to
be triggered immediately in all cases now.

- [GEN] Revised auto-pilot range detection for missile launch in combat assist mode.

- [GEN] Revised some character weapon/inventory profiles

- [GEN] FIXED: violations awarded for destroying own rockets and grenades.

- [GEN] FIXED: vehicles only mouse steering could be enabled in aircrafts.

- [GEN] FIXED: dead persons were in default pose when restoring a saved game.

- [GEN] FIXED: dead persons were not leveled with terrain.

- [GEN] FIXED: muzzle flash on gunship (Blackghost, Intruder) door guns were incorrectly oriented.

- [GEN] FIXED: Issues with item counts in some character weapon/inventory profiles

- [MP] FIXED: target markers weren't visible in MP remote servers.

[1.00.28 | 08-21-09]

- [GEN] Revised asset locations in first campaign mission

- [GEN] Airborne assets can no longer be destroyed by small arms fire

- [GEN] Players cloaked using PCU item can now use assets

- [GEN] Disabled various cheat command line parameters

- [WL] Starbase and launch pad objects now appear in the TRS/GND radar instead of
NID/MAP radar.

- [WL] Increased flashbang bloom effect time. Note, the length of time depends
on how close you are to the center of the blast.

- [WL] Increased number of clients in CO-OP mode from 4 to 8 players

- [WL] Revised CO-OP spawn locations. Players now spawned closer to cover

- [WL] XP based asset use is now a server config using 'enable_xp' parameter. If
this is enabled, then clients require XP to use some high end assets.

[1.00.27 | 08-18-09]

- [GEN] FIXED: NPC marines would rapidly move their weapon up and down when player was too close.

[1.00.26 | 08-12-09]


- [GEN] Units receiving 'HALT ON' script command will now immediately stop instead of
slowly drifting.

- [GEN] Increased delay between R.A.N.D.O.M explosion transition & scenario end by 20 secs

- [GEN] FIXED: units being started in the air could sometimes be repositioned too close
to the ground.

- [GEN] FIXED: issue with character model shadows on water

[1.00.25 | 08-10-09]

- [GEN] 1 Energy Cell unit now regens 25 units of the target shield,armor,integrity. Since
you can only carry 4 cells, this gives ability to fully repair any object to 100%

- [GEN] Player is now able to equip inventory items (e.g. PRU) while under water, trying to
swim will holster them.

- [GEN] "LINE OF SIGHT TARGET" can now target disabled units.

- [GEN] FIXED: player defusing a RANDOM was getting a violation.

- [GEN] FIXED: random explosion transition was being played even when player defused it,
thus ending the game.

- [GEN] FIXED: invincible units could be destroyed if their support exploded.

- [GEN] FIXED: NPC's weren't navigating properly when outside navmeshes.

[1.00.24 | 08-08-09]

- [GEN] FIXED: ground vehicles could sometimes fall through the terrain.

[1.00.23 | 08-07-09]

- [MP] FIXED: Starbase names were not transmitted so you couldn't dock in some cases.

[1.00.22 | 08-06-09]

- [WL] Mouse wheel now scrolls game docs viewer

- [WL] Added ALT+Q to invoke the game commands only

- [WL] Added a new TRS/EAD filter which shows only SAM, SAL and LPAD
units, making it easier to locate and engage them.

- [GEN] Added hint text above first person inventory icon;, like is done with grenades

- [GEN] Added splash damage to first person rockets to compensate for the collision
detect occuring in the same frame and not doing the target much damage due to
how fast the rockets now travel. Now firing an LR12 (650 damage factor) at
something like an LADMK1 (200 armor) gun turret will totally destroy it.

- [GEN] Can now turn XBox360 controller vibration ON or OFF in game options. This
way, if it gets stuck, you don't have to quit the game. Just go to options
and toggle it. That should reset it.

- [MP] Added ability to disable Enemy Air Defense assets on the server using
"enable_ead=0" parameter or the in-game server host screen. This prevents
SAMs from launching missiles, SALs from firing and launch pads from launching
intercept fighters. This is useful in cases where players just want to dogfight
against each other without being engaged when they stray into hostile airspace
since EAD units are very deadly.

- [MP] FIXED: PCU, PSJ and PSU inventory usage was not being replicated correctly to
remote servers. e.g. even if you used the PCU, you were still visible to
clients. lol!

- [MP] FIXED: - W and S keys playing craft after-burner sound in chat box

- [MP] FIXED: changed number of players on server calculation to match Game Lobby.

- [MP] FIXED: MP servers sometimes wouldn't detect clients crashing on the ground or
against objects.

- [MP] FIXED: turret sounds weren't being played when playing in remote servers.

- [GEN] FIXED: pressing ENTER when attached to an MFB driver APT would cause a crash.

[1.00.21 | 08-04-09]

- Released new demo update. This is the last one.

- [WL] Changed TAB key (MP Game Score interface) behavior. Mouse button is no longer
used to close it. Instead, tapping TAB will open it for a few seconds or if kept
pressed it will stay open until the key is released.

- [MP] Person target designators in MP are now only color coded by team. This
means that they will no longer turn Grey when the person is injured.

- [GEN] FIXED: some HUD elements were drawn on top of screen interfaces.

- [MP] FIXED: craft movement keys (WSADFZ) were still enabled when MP chat was active.

- [MP] FIXED: when hosting a game sometimes the scenario name wouldn't be properly broadcasted. Also the number of players wouldn't display correctly in the server browser.

- [MP] FIXED: Change Team/Race menu wouldn't always show up properly.

- [MP] FIXED: "target attacker" keys weren't working in MP.

- [MP] FIXED: missile inbound warning beep wasn't playing when on remote servers.

[1.00.20 | 08-02-09]

- [GEN] Spiralling effect when ship is badly damaged is reduced at low altitude to allow pilot to still have some control over the ship.

- [GEN] FIXED: NPC crafts would sometimes have difficulty navigating within scenes.

- [MP] FIXED: MP game type class was not being properly initialized. This was causing game time and score to sometimes not show up in the HUD.

- [MP] FIXED: DJP numbers were not broadcasted from MP server to clients.

- [MP] FIXED: when hosting an MP game the host client wouldn't see missile contrails.

- [MP] FIXED: 'Acquired' and 'Hostile Launch' sounds weren't played when on remote MP servers.

[1.00.19 | 08-02-09]

- [GEN] Revised 3D sound ranges

- [GEN] Enabled object Visual Target Tracking (VTT) boxes. Was previously enabled only with cheats enabled due to the amount of clutter introduced in the HUD when enabled. Without this, you will only see the designator box for the current target - no others. We may make this a toggle, though if you toggle Single Target Tracking (STT) mode (\ key) all VTT are removed and only the current target designator box appears.


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