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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Gameforge (EU), KingsIsle Entertainment (US)
Developer: KingsIsle Entertainment
Release Date: Late 2010

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'Wizard101' Launches New Celestia World

by Rainier on Oct. 11, 2010 @ 10:49 a.m. PDT

Wizard101 is an elaborate 3D virtual world in which magic and sorcery come to life as players embark on a quest that involves a massive cast of good, evil and frequently silly characters.

Wizard101 features fantasy adventure and collectible card-style game play plus fun arcade mini-games. Under the direction of noted online game developer J. Todd Coleman, Wizard101 has been designed for collaborative play in which players benefit from playing together. A tiered chat system and pre-defined naming system is in place to create a safe online environment for tween and teen audiences while still providing engaging entertainment for the entire family.

As part of the character creation process, players will take a quiz to determine which of Ravenwood's seven schools of magic best suits their personality before they begin to collect and cast spells summoning imaginary and frequently silly cinematic creatures. As the player adventures through 3D environments encountering scenarios and characters based on history, mythology, pop culture and pure fantasy they will be able to upgrade their costume and magical accessories, adopt bizarre pets, solve puzzles, make friends and more.

Wizard101's collaborative play style supports an environment where players benefit from working together in adventure quests. A tiered chat system and pre-defined character name generator create a safe community for younger players while an Arena provides a spot for more traditional gamers to show off their player versus player spell-casting skills. As they adventure, players can upgrade their costume and magical accessories, adopt bizarre pets, solve puzzles and play mini-games. At launch, Wizard101 will be free to play, with advanced play content available by subscription.

"We've spent the better part of a year designing, programming, building and testing this extraordinary new adventure," said J. Todd Coleman, Vice President and Creative Director of Wizard101. "Celestia is a kingdom of underwater cities, lost artifacts and ancient riddles.  It also holds the secret of Astral magic: a library of spells based on the Sun, the Moon and the Stars."

Upon attaining level 48 and defeating Malistiare, Wizards will automatically gain access to the Celestian depths. Celestia represents the first chapter in a new epic storyline that will encompass many new worlds and reveal the deepest secrets of the Spiral. The new underwater world is the most ambitious content expansion to Wizard101 since the game launched in September, 2008.

With the introduction of Celestia, Wizards will:

  • Progress to level 60 and face new foes of immense strength and cunning  
  • Discover long-forgotten treasures and explore the farthest corners of the Wizard101 universe
  • Encounter ancient schools of Astral magic and master new spells of awesome power  
  • Journey under the sea and unravel the triumphs and tragedies of a lost civilization

Features include:

  • Extensive magical 3D world where players team up with friends and carry out quests to save Wizard City from the forces of Evil.
  • Collectible card-style duels that come to cinematic life as players cast spells alongside fellow and rival students.
  • More than 101 collectible spells summon zany creatures such as Humongofrog, Evil Snowman and Stormzilla.
  • Seven different schools of magic, each with its own unique style and storyline.
  • Many witty scenarios and characters based on history, mythology and pop culture.
  • The ability to adopt magical pets, like a tiny dragon or flying pig.
  • Puzzles and mini-games that challenge the player to earn crystals and enchanted items.
  • New outfits and accessories to earn for your customizable Wizard character.

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