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Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: Ubisoft

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'Zeit²' (ALL) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 3, 2010 @ 1:53 a.m. PDT

zeit² comes in the tradition of classic shoot'em up games and adds a time traveling mechanic, which extends the game experience in surprising ways. You can assist yourself by traveling back in time and co-op with your prior playing.

Time rewinding in zeit² is not simply a way to undo things but an essential feature to beat the game. When initiating time travel, rewinding will continue until you either release the button or you run out of time-travel-energy. During that period your player and everything else on the screen is being rewound. As soon as you stop traveling back in time, the game starts playing forward and you are in control of the player again. While you are in the past there will be a ghost or shadow of your player that plays exactly like you did before. You are on the screen twice, as the normal player and a black version of it. Go back in time at the right moments to get the advantage over your enemies by having the doubled firepower that time traveling gives you. The time-travel-future mechanic lets you speed up the game at any time. While you are in time-travel-future all the points you score are doubled. This feature serves to improve score and pace the game when it feels slow for advanced players.

Different ways of interactions with your time shadow combined with your multi-level chargeable weapon give you an arsenal of tactics to fight your enemies. The additional weapon systems include a chain shot that jumps from enemy to enemy when fired, and a blast shot destroying everything on its path of impact. zeit² is based on an energy balancing mechanism rather than discrete lives. Every enemy passing you drains life energy from you, and enemies you shoot give you energy back. The dynamics of this allow you to experience a continuing flow of game play. You can feel the excitement of regaining energy after a situation that seemed like a dead end at first. You constantly decide between risky scoring moves and life saving actions.

Fight 20 different enemies and defeat the eight massive bosses, when you go on a journey through 16 chapters of action and variety in “Arcade” mode. Challenge others in scoring the best high score in the additional modes “Chapter”, “Survival”, “Wave”, “Time Limit” and “Tactics”. The innovative "Challenge Me" feature encourages you to discover all modes and strive for new high scores.

Be drawn into a world where simplistic purity meets impressing special effects. Abstracted micro-organisms are approaching you through time and space in a futuristic cosmos of energy fields and colorful nebulas. Unique level styles will keep you on the edge floating through fantastic worlds. Experience the flow of intuitive controls that give you absolute mastery over forthcoming situations. Treat your hunger for tactical depth and skill based action with the enormous possibilities and rich choices facing you in zeit².

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