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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Nexon America
Release Date: 2010

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'Vindictus' Details Campfire Skill - New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 4, 2010 @ 4:51 p.m. PDT

Vindictus is the first physics-based multiplayer online action role-playing game that combines stunning visuals with high-speed combat.

The town of Colhen has long been kept safe through the efforts of Tieve, the town’s oracle. Through her mystical ability to communicate with animals, Colhen dreams under the protection of her familiar, a giant spider. The day came when their trusted guardian seemed to go mad and started attacking the peaceful township of trusting people. The call goes out to a local group of mercenaries to help, a group that contains a young, untested recruit with a very special destiny.

Players find themselves thrust into this epic battle scenario upon launching Vindictus for the first time. The Prologue serves as an introduction to both the battle mechanics and the storyline of Vindictus. It’s an action-packed entrance into the game where players will get their first taste of brutal elegance.

Hoarfrost Hollow in Vindictus chills players to the bone as they complete one of the first missions, but can find warming relief and support through the campfire feature found in the game.

Campfire kits and skill books for using this feature are available through the NPC, Kirstie, who is concerned about the chill players take on when entering the Hoarfrost dungeon. The campfire kits provide warming fires that will actually improve a player’s health, while buffing up attack and defense skills. Players can sit close to the campfire to enjoy a bonus to health regeneration, and if characters sit by a campfire long enough, they will receive temporary bonuses to attack and defense.

The campfire kits also come with a handy anvil that will allow players to repair their damaged equipment in the dungeon rather than having to wait until returning to town to make repairs.

Campfires have their limitations as well and players will only be able to build one per dungeon. They also do not prevent attacks from enemies, so it’s best to build them in carefully planned and safe areas.

The Vindictus Open Beta will launch on Wednesday, October 13! At that time, all North American players will have the opportunity to join the battle against the Fomors, and Early Access Beta testers will be able to keep their characters along with any leveling, skills, items and gold they have acquired!

Here’s a look at some of what’s coming in Open Beta:

  • AINLE:  Players will enjoy new challenges, new rewards and some of the scariest mobs and bosses they’ve ever seen in our new town Ainle, accessible from the boat on dock three. Something bad has happened in Ainle. Citizens flee from the once idyllic town with grim faces and haunted eyes. The Royal Army has shut the town gates and quarantined the area. Did the Fomors finally attack a human settlement? Perhaps, but there are whispers that something more sinister happened.  Whispers from terrified refugees speak of dark magics and arcane horrors. Ainle needs heroes before what happened there spreads toward Colhen.
  • CUSTOMIZATION:  Players will enjoy hot new character customization options including a dye shop and a beauty shop with cool new hairstyles and facial features!
  • FISHING:  Need a break from battle? Head over to the fishing dock and try to catch a big one! Fishing is a fun change of pace where players can take on new side quests without the danger of getting attacked by gnolls.
  • ITEM ENHANCEMENT:  Strengthen your weapons and armor using Enhancement Stones!
  • GUILDS: Team up with your friends, or make new friends, by creating or joining a guild.
  • LEVEL CAP:  The level cap will be raised from 26 to 38. You’ll need that extra strength as the battle gets tougher!
  • …and more!

Whether you are a first-time player or someone who has been around since Closed Beta, we hope you’ll enjoy the Open Beta and all of the new content!

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