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X3: Terran Conflict

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: EgoSoft
Release Date: Oct. 17, 2008

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'X3: Terran Conflict' - v3.0 Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 9, 2010 @ 12:13 p.m. PDT

X³: Terran Conflict is a brand new, stand-alone game set in the universe of X³. It is the culmination of the X trilogy, with a grand finale that takes us all the way back to Earth's own solar system. Gamers can take on the roles of different characters in the X universe, or of a Terran military pilot, and experience a multitude of stories in the largest X universe ever featured, for X³: Terran Conflict will offer more missions than any other X game before.

Get the X3: Terran Conflict [PC] v3.0 Patch off WP (18/206mb)

The much-anticipated arrival of Update 3.0 is now upon us and it brings a new set of adventures, called 'Balance of Power', which was specially developed as a feature for the X Superbox. Also featured in the update is a long-awaited reward for completion of Operation Final Fury.

Update 3.0 also features the Dead-is-Dead gameplay mode for X3: Terran Conflict. This is only available to those players who play through the Steam client, but owners of the DVD version are reminded that they can register their DVD version with Steam to be able to enjoy this new feature in addition to Steam Achievements.

Version 3.0 features:

  • The 3.0 Plot Mission 'Balance of Power'
  • Dead-is-Dead gamemode (STEAM only)
  • Reward for Operation Final Fury

Version 2.7 features:

  • Re-enabled use of more than 2GB RAM if supported by the operating system
  • M6, M8 and TM ships now travel through gates like smaller ships
  • Enabled M7 and M8 ships to spawn in more missions
  • Added chance of Xenon during a Defend Station mission
  • Reduced flak explosion volume
  • Included a large amount of bugfixes, investigated and provided by our community

Version 2.6 also features:

  • Improved rendering performance
  • Improved chances of the pirate variation in the Freight Scan mission
  • Fixed targeting issues with stations after a complex was destroyed
  • Fixed several issues with the Freight Scan mission
  • Fixed captured ships from Assassination missions being removed
  • Fixed missing difficulty levels with the Destroy Convoy mission
  • Fixed mission dialogs on ships starting on the wrong option
  • Fixed several minor mission issues
  • Fixed weapon information display for ships with only missile turrets
  • Fixed missing wares for sale on the Goner Temple
  • Fixed Sector Traders constantly buying at average price
  • Fixed several text issues with German text files

There are many other improvements and fixes in 2.5 which are listed in the change log. Bored Universal Traders no longer stray into Xenon Sectors looking for trouble and the long standing Flak Misfire issue has been addressed by Commonwealth weapon engineers. Older savegames can also expect a nice performance boost as a memory leak has been fixed.

With the Copy Protection removed, DVD users can now play without the DVD and Online Activation users no longer need to worry about how many times they reinstall.

Version 2.5 also features:

New Features and Improvements:

  • Removed copy protection
  • New options for marine training, including multiple skills and duration
  • Several boarding aspects improved and corrected
  • Rebalanced boarding Xenon ships
  • Added a new menu for access to factories connected to a complex
  • Production can be toggled for connected factories
  • Show wing orders in the context menu for ships in a wing
  • Improved Defend Station command
  • Added gateless sector option to several flight commands
  • Added more information to the property menu including marines
  • Added option to change the sorting method for ships in the property menu
  • Improved Best Buys/Best Selling Price Locator menu
  • Added "Locate in Sector Map" option to context menus
  • Added laser bay information to ship info menu
  • Added new instructions to script editor and mission director
  • Enabled mods to add news articles to the encyclopedia
  • Disabled use of more than 2GB RAM again due to bugs
  • Renamed Mercenary stations as Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Fixed flak weapons becoming inactive after saving
  • Fixed references to destroyed homebases of wings
  • Fixed Jump and Fly to command for ships and wings
  • Fixed wing jumpdrive energy display
  • Fixed Attack Shields command
  • Fixed Universal Traders flying into hostile territory
  • Fixed issue when launching many marines
  • Fixed missile resupply settings on boarded ships
  • Fixed mission memory leak which led to slow savegames
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

Update 2.1 features the Treasure Hunt Mission, created by a group of mission programmers from our community. The mission will have you searching for a stolen carrier, its crew and its precious and unique cargo. Also, after several years of ignoring petitions, the Commonwealth Economic Body has finally approved the creation of Large Crystal Fabs, available to all industry moguls across the universe. In military news, industry giant, Bala Gi Research, has taken a lucrative contract to improve enemy-detection algorithms in sensor systems, boosting Sector Patrol efficiency. As a result, several Spaceweed companies have taken out additional insurance policies on their freighters.

Version 2.1 also features:

  • The functionality for the game to continue running while in windowed mode or minimised
  • Smarter Universal Traders and Mobile Miners
  • Improved marine information
  • A fix for lazy sector patrols
  • A new mission to buy local asteroid information
  • Many interface tweaks
  • Several issues fixed

Version 2.0 also includes:

  • Many new stations to build, including Terran factories
  • New sectors
  • Fixes to the Universal Traders
  • A new ship variation
  • Mission improvements
  • Interface improvements
  • Several issues fixed

X³: Terran Conflict v1.4:

New Features and Improvements:

  • Improved carrier support in defend station mission
  • Smarter Marine selection during boarding tasks
  • Finished marines are now listed at military outposts
  • Marine capacity for OTAS Sirokos increased
  • Timing rebalanced for passenger taxi missions
  • Gazz's Turret Fixing Mod included
  • Improved graphical performance


  • Invincible Kha'ak Station during plot fixed
  • Stopped Mammoths from occurring during transport missions
  • Syndicate Pirateship spawning fixed
  • Several corporation fixes
  • Occasional Terran scene 4 plot break fixed
  • Return big ship to station mission fixed
  • Inaccurate target arrows to complex substations
  • Several gate orientations fixed
  • Freight Drone exploit fixed
  • HUB exploit with Trans-orbital Accelerators fixed

X³: Terran Conflict v1.3:

  • New commands for controlling Freight Drones
  • Improved Shipyard trade menu
  • Rebalanced mission enemies and rewards
  • Mission guidance can now be disabled
  • A new capital ship makes an appearance in some missions
  • Many more fixes and improvements

X³: Terran Conflict v1.2.1:

  • Performance problem and memory leak fixed
  • Jumpdrive functionality to gateless sectors fixed
  • Removed Argon Shipyard from Atreus HQ
  • Buying reputation fixed for tractor beam factories
  • Removed question mark videos when buying stations and ships
  • Playership can no longer be a wingman
  • Passenger transfer fixed
  • Best buys/best selling price locators also work with advanced satellites
  • Script editor: Fixed script engine instructions "find gate" and "get ammunition"
  • Fixed warpgate selection in sector menu

X³: Terran Conflict v1.2.0:

  • A whole new mission to scan for valuable asteroids
  • Enabled mouse control in external view mode
  • When a target is lost, the nearest enemy is targeted automatically
  • Improved boarding crew functionality
  • Various improvements in the user interface
  • Several other improvements and fixes

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