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World Supremacy

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Shrapnel Games
Developer: Malfador Machinations
Release Date: 2010

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'World Supremacy' Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 22, 2010 @ 12:47 a.m. PST

World Supremacy is a Windows beer-and-pretzels strategy game of contemporary conflict for one to eight players. In World Supremacy players have but one goal: total global control through utter annihilation of all who oppose.

Get the World Supremacy [PC] Demo off WP (95mb)

It is the beginning of the end. Crushed beneath government issue boots the white dove of peace spasms its last movements in a pool of crimson. Across the land jet engines spool up, shells are chambered in turrets, and the target coordinates for nuclear missiles are programmed. War has come to the world and when all the radioactive dust settles there will only be room for one superpower. Welcome to World Supremacy, the latest game from Malfador Machinations, developer of the acclaimed Space Empires series!

World Supremacy is a turn based game of global conquest. Light in the rules department, heavy in the strategy area, World Supremacy is a beer and pretzels wargame whose roots can be traced back to such games as Axis and Allies, Supremacy, and Empire Deluxe. Set in the contemporary era players command infantry, armor, helicopters, jets, submarines, nuke and neutron bombs, in an all out battle to control the world. No diplomacy, only destruction.

Gameplay is easy. Your territories and cities provide you with income. With this income new military units can be built. These units, consisting of a choice between thirteen land unit types, eight air units, and seven sea units (and all these have three levels of improvement) can then be ordered to go forth and conquer, either enemy territories or neutral territories. If there are enemy units in these territories a fast playing tactical battle is played for control. Repeat until you have conquered the world or you, yourself, have been conquered.

There is research and development present, although in keeping with the beer and pretzels style of the game the tech trees don't drill down to the "You've created a new hex nut!" level. Special weapons such as nuclear missiles and neutron bombs add another layer of strategy. Nukes can destroy cities, thereby reducing a nation's economic flow. Neutron bombs leave the land alone but decimate troops.

World Supremacy, being a Malfador Machinations game, of course fully supports the use of mods. Certain game elements are hard coded, but such things as creating new maps will be easy enough to do. Speaking of maps, each session creates a new random map, making each game of World Supremacy a new experience.

We hear there's this crazy new trend out there called multiplayer gaming. For those of you looking to nuke your buddies you'll be happy to know that World Supremacy supports up to eight players. Multiplayer can be done via hotseat play or TCP/IP online play.

Key Features:

  • Turn based IGOUGO light strategy game of global conquest.
  • Randomly created (can also be user created through mods) area-based maps.
  • One to eight players. Multiplayer supported through hot seat or TCP/IP connections.
  • Some variables the players can set before a game: allow neutral nations, fog of war, starting technology level, starting nation size, starting money, and more.
  • Thirteen land unit types, eight air unit types, and seven sea unit types. Each has three possible levels of improvement.
  • Economy is based on the base value of a territory and city control. Cities can be destroyed and players may also build new cities.
  • Combat takes place on a tactical map. Although combat occurs tactically in keeping with the overall spirit of the game it plays fast.
  • Nuke'em 'til they glow! Players can build territory spoiling nuclear weapons and infantry killing neutron bombs.
  • Neutral nations can exist. While they will not expand they will actively seek to defend their territory.
  • Mod friendly. Some aspects of the game are hard coded but many elements, such as maps and unit values, can be easily modified and shared amongst users.
  • From the creator of the highly acclaimed Space Empires series. Conquering the world is just as addictive as conquering the universe.

World Supremacy is available for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 as a download for only $29.95.

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